INMOTION V11 Electric Unicycle – 18 Inch Self-Balancing Monowheel, Equipped with 3.35” Air Suspension, 75 Miles Long Range, Maximum Speed of 34MPH and 35° Climbing Ability

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  • The INMOTION Advantage: Join us in pioneering modern transportation for a sustainable future.
  • Advanced Suspension Technology: With the cutting-edge 3.35-inch adjustable air spring suspension, it can effectively absorbs shock and vibration even on rough terrain, minimizing fatigue and discomfort for the rider.
  • Unlock Long-Distance Travel: V11 features a massive 1500Wh battery that provides an impressive 75-mile range. Whether commuting, exploring, or cruising, V11 has stamina and endurance to take you wherever you want to go.
  • Unleash Your Inner Speed Demon: With a powerful 2200W motor, the V11 can reach blazing-fast speeds of up to 34 MPH. Experience the rush of the wind in your hair as you zoom down the road.
  • Ultimate Climbing Machine: With remarkable engineering, the V11 can effortlessly conquer steep inclines of up to 35°. Navigating rugged terrain or taking on a challenging hill is no problem for the V11.


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Max. Speed
34 MPH (50KM/H) 12.5 MPH (20KM/H) 22 MPH (35KM/H) 37.3 MPH (60KM/H)
Typical Range
47 miles (75 km) 12.5 miles (20 km) 37 miles (60 km) 96 miles (152 km)
Battery Capacity
1500WH 374.4WH 728WH 1750WH
Charging Time
4H 1.5H 5H 4.5H
265 LBS (120KG) 265 LBS (120KG) 265 LBS (120KG) 265 LBS (120KG)
Max. Slope
35° 18° 30° 45°
Atmosphere Light

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10 reviews for INMOTION V11 Electric Unicycle – 18 Inch Self-Balancing Monowheel, Equipped with 3.35” Air Suspension, 75 Miles Long Range, Maximum Speed of 34MPH and 35° Climbing Ability

  1. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars First EUC, and I don’t regret it
    It may take most people longer, but I learned to ride this first day, by myself with no help of someone else. It’s amazing, I changed from using a bike to this because I am tired of having my bikes damaged or stolen because I can’t bring it into the store or into my room. I’ve taken this through a very heavy rain storm, snow, very bumpy wrecked roads. I will say, definitely get comfortable with sharp turns and slowing down super fast, and you can avoid yourself from many possible accidents. One time I hit the curb because I didn’t know how to do sharp turns (be careful with sharp turns in terrible roads), and DO NOT be dumb and speed around other vehicles or people. Simply take your time and be safe. Another reason I enjoy this over bikes is because IF I were to crash, I can jump off and choose how I fall, rather than falling with my bike having no choice of protection. I am definitely looking into the next generations to upgrade!

  2. biblefella (verified owner)

    4.0 out of 5 stars Great Commuter EUC, Faulty Charger
    For the past two months I’ve been commuting to and from the train station on this wheel and it’s been great. The learning curve was steep, even though this wasn’t my first PEV, but now it feels super comfortable and stable at 25 mph. Of course this also depends on your riding stance; I like to lock it against my right leg and use my left foot to accelerate.

    The only reason I knocked it down a star was because I initially thought I received a broken v11 but it turns out the provided charger was over charging the batteries (this is an 84v wheel and the charger was charging to 86v+). I now monitor the charge voltage in the app and disconnect at 84v. This is only a short term fix because the charger also assists with regulating the batter cells, which my charger is not doing.

  3. acey (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars Goldilocks
    This is my first wheel, and after 1000 km I still think it is the most reasonable wheel available for commuting or normal riding, especially for heavier riders.

    I hope Inmotion continues to focus on safety and midrange wheels and not get too caught up in the extreme wheel arms race that seems to be going on.

    I did have a charging issue and had some trouble with the in-app support, but once I got directed to the Amazon store support they took care of me pretty quickly.

  4. UT-Pharmer (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars This thing is AMAZING!!
    I absolutely love this machine. My only complaint is that 31mph is too slow for me to truly feel safe when riding on a street. Why? In the city I live in, most people go 5 over the speed limit. Additionally, most main roads around me have a speed limit of 35mph. That means most cars are traveling at 40mph at a minimum. I put a max speed on the unit of 28mph for now to ensure that I stay upright at all times. I figured 2 mph under the theoretical max speed is a solid buffer to make sure I don’t test out my safety equipment unnecessarily! That said, 12mph under the speed of most of the other cars on the road is just not safe. It’s a death threat that keeps me on the sidewalk, and frankly, that’s inconvenient.

    The suspension on this thing is a HUGE game changer. I originally got the INMOTION V8F (which had an even slower max speed. ugh!), but after riding on it a few times, I found that my back was throbbing the following day. I figured the increased speed (safety oriented!) and suspension was worth the extra thousand dollars, and I was 100% right about that!! Having suspension made it possible for me to ride this EUC for up to 2 hours nonstop and without pain the following day! The only downside was that the increased speed just wasn’t as much as I feel like I need now. Ohh well.

    My next EUC will clearly be in the $4k range, but this is a GREAT entry to the EUC world!

  5. David S (verified owner)

    4.0 out of 5 stars Recovered faith.
    I had a previous version of my review where I was struggling to get ahold of their support. It did take a while, and a few avenues of reaching out through their app, their email, and ultimately got a whatapp number from a redditor that connected me to one of their support people. I’m not going to post it here for the sake of not blowing up his private phone. Once I got in contact though the support was very useful and helped me get replacement batteries through their warranty, and once they arrive i should be able to get back on the road. Would give 5 stars but having to get a special what’s app number from a redditor isn’t the best method to achieve context.

  6. Devin E. (verified owner)

    4.0 out of 5 stars Only 4 stars because the first one was messed up on delivery
    First off let me say that the Inmotion V11 is awesome!! I love absolutely everything about it. I’ve been riding it every single day since I got it. The only reason I am giving this product 4 stars is due to the fact that the first one I received had a battery issue where the battery pack 2 wasn’t at the correct voltage and would disconnect at random times. Due to the voltage differences in battery packs 1&2 I couldn’t charge the device properly. As soon as I plugged in the v11 the alarm would go off saying I needed to disconnect the charger immediately to avoid a fire basically. Not awesome and very disappointing.

    However, after much messaging back and forth with Inmotion which I believe is based out of China. They sent me a brand new one within a week later. It was a pain emailing them back and forth because I would send an email and they would reply at midnight my time (est). Then I would reply in the morning or even sometimes right afterwards just to wait another 24-48 hrs at midnight for their reply. Very frustrating. However the second one they sent me has had zero issues with the battery or charging or anything else that I’ve noticed. Another issue I did have with the first unit was the day time running light didn’t work. Which I noticed after getting the new one and saw that the new day time running light was working perfectly.

    I am also rather pissed that I paid over $2,299 on my unit just about a week ago from this posting and I’ve come on here to give this review and I’ve noticed they just dropped the price to $1,899. I just got this thing a week ago and I’m screwed out of this money I could of saved.

  7. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    2.0 out of 5 stars Won’t hold up. Breaks easily.
    I am 53 years old. I can snowboard, ride a rip-stick, skateboard- I thought the V11 electric unicycle would be something I could try too. I got it on 7-6-22. It took me about an hour to get the hang of getting on and balancing forward to go, shifting my center to slow and stop, so on. In that time it (we) fell over a few times obviously. The first time I laid it over it broke the plastic side cover. The plastic supports up near the handle broke. The top of the plastic piece between my legs on my right had snapped. It wasn’t falling off or moving much, so I felt no big deal, continued on learning.
    Within two hours, I was gliding around the rv park we are in. It was awesome, and I was getting around! I could maneuver wide turns, but slow tight turns, like turning in an intersection corner still had me falling over. In total, all upper plastic supports had been broken from my learning a balancing act. Nothing was falling off or rattling or anything. No big deal. My wife and I were talking about replacing the plastic pieces, or using colorful duct tape to hold it secure and customize it. The broken plastic wasn’t a big deal. I expected it actually. Of course there were scratches on the side and on the pedals. Those are the badges of learning to ride, and I expected to have a lot. No real complaints yet, nothing I couldn’t handle.
    Next day, (7-7-22) I take it out and actually hit 20+ miles riding around the remote Colorado town I’m in. It was amazing, and I was having the time of my life, and at the time, worth every penny.
    As I approached our rv park entrance, I tried practicing a turn around in the middle of the road. I fell over, and so did the cycle. I pulled it to the road, and it was dead. Would not turn on. I had to carry it home, luckily we are near the entrance to the park we are in.
    It will charge, but the moment I power it on, it immediately powers off. While plugged in, it will connect to the app. Diagnostic says everything is normal. No error codes or voice alarm. But the cycle shuts down immediately when powered up. It will stay on in lock mode, but the moment I unlock it, it immediately powers down.
    Only way to contact the service was via an online form that I could find.
    To be fair this review isn’t about customer service (yet), but rather the quality of product. The video advertising the V11 as jumping and going through puddles and off-roading fun. I was looking forward to that.
    If laying this thing down at slow speeds learning to ride will break it, how can I take it on a trail?
    Again, I don’t mind the broken plastic covers, or the scratches.
    But it won’t turn on-
    I have not crashed at speeds over learning speeds. (No faster than I could jump off).
    I will edit if I can about customer service. I’m hoping for a positive experience, a simple fix, even if one crash voids the warranty.
    7-8-22 customer service made contact with me. Wants s/n and video of issue. Sounds good so far-
    7-17-22 daily email between customer service and myself. Customer service determined a driver board had broken, and they are sending a new board to me. I hope it is easy to replace, as they are having me do the exchange on my V-11. They did give me the option of sending the unit to them, but I’m moving around in a RV, and didn’t want the cycle chasing me around via UPS.
    Final edit- they sent a driver board. No instructions, diagrams, or a hint as to how to do the replacement. I didn’t feel comfortable digging into the cycle looking for the driver board. I contacted customer service about instructions, and I have been ghosted. I’m returning the cycle to Amazon-

  8. wade p. (verified owner)

    4.0 out of 5 stars Still testing.. testing done!
    Third e.u.c first with suspension so there is a lot of new territory in order to give a sold review. So far unboxing was solid inmotion has enough foam in box to keep any damage from v11. Have to pair to app like all unicycles but befor you do charge first. MINE cane with latest firmware but always check. Out of all this e.u.c (v11) is the best looking one in my opinion made by inmotion A head turner by far. Out of box come with all you need to get started. The only negative so far that I have is the charging time, negative chamber and hand pump. Wheel charge time is 10hrs unless you have another charger, same amps. Negative chamber is behind the Saddle which you have to take apart to get to. Has to be 50 psi no matter the rider, if that’s the case should be pre filled before being shiped. Lastly that hand pump their are no instructions and hard to tell if you got the correct psi for shocks. Only rode for a few mins felt like I was on a clould. Will update review after a few miles. UPDATE 11/4/22 I have finally got a chance to truly test this wheel in the city overall ride was buttery smooth. Take small potholes and curbs like a champ. At 170 pounds (my weight) I could climb moderate hills with out beeps (warnings) due to the wheel size it is more stable than a 16 inch. In my opinion this is a wheel for people who like to cruise around. Top speed is 31mph but can unlock speed up to 34 mph. The suspension is solid and makes it easier on knees. Recommend to everyone!!

  9. Mark (verified owner)

    3.0 out of 5 stars Was great but died
    This was my first EUC. Took me about 20 minutes to feel comfortable getting on and off of it. I practiced indoors in a hallway so I would not fall right off the bat. Once I got the hang of it I took it outside and was off. Took about a week and 20 miles to be comfortable turning and going over items. I was in love with the V11 and was singing it’s praises. But then this morning I was riding before the rain moved in and all of a sudden I felt it tip forward. Thankfully I was not going to fast and was able to walk off. When I picked it up the power was off. When I tried turning it on nothing happened. I took it in and put the charger on, but again nothing. Just waiting now to hear back on the next steps and what will happen or if I am out of luck.

  10. Dustin Bloodgood (verified owner)

    4.0 out of 5 stars Extremely fun with a bit of dedication
    The media could not be loaded.  Effortless freedom and power.

    With 0 unicycle experience I was a bit hesitant to commit to my first wheel with $2k+. But after 3 weeks or so with about an hour of practice every couple of days, I started to feel confident enough to ride it out on the streets of Los Angeles. I’ve clocked over 200 miles at this point and it now feels like an extension of my body. It is such a fun way to get around my city, efficient, and I even beat traffic sometimes depending on my route. I don’t regret it at all.

    The only reason this is a four star review is because I was sent a model with a dysfunctional power button. When the wheel turns on, I have no problems. The only issue is that about half of the time I need to find the “sweet spot” for the power button and press and hold it several times before I can get it to turn on. Some of the time it works perfectly, but the other times I’m left wondering how many tries it will take to get it to turn on.

    Other than that, I love it. I was worried about a flimsy build from other reviews, but in my personal experience I’ve dropped this thing so many times, even ran it into a wall once or twice, and besides some minor scratches, it really held up.

    I love this wheel and I’m excited to take it everywhere. If you have enough persistence to learn (you’ll have to practice for at least a month), it can open so many doors for you.

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