BERIBES Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear, 65H Playtime and 6 EQ Music Modes Wireless Headphones with Microphone, HiFi Stereo Foldable Lightweight Headset, Deep Bass for Home Office Cellphone PC Ect.

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Enjoy Your Favorite Music Like Never Before, With These Exquisite Headphones Brought To You By BERIBES !

The BERIBES Bluetooth headphones will give you a deep, powerful, and immersive sound at any volume, make your overall listening experience just that much better. Our goal has always been committed to providing our customers with better sound quality as the focal point of our engineering.

Are you looking for a high-end quality pair of headphones to enjoy your music, movies, and games? Have you tried similar products in the past but were let down by how flimsy they were or by how quickly they stopped working? Would you opt for an earphone set that is durable, heavy duty, and doesn’t cost you a month’s salary?

If so, then this is your lucky day, because BERIBES has just the thing you’re looking for!


EQ Button

Notice: Long press for volume up and down, click for next or previous track

Long press the ‘O ‘button for 4S to start the headphones until it enters the Bluetooth pairing mode (red and blue lights flash alternately), then use the device you need to connect to search, find the Bluetooth pairing name ‘WH202A’ and click Connect.


headphones wireless bluetooth over ear


Multipoint Connection

Connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time to switch between calls, games, listening to music, and more without needing to reconnect. Provide a more convenient use experience.

High Quality Headphones

BERIBES 6EQ Headphones are made of high quality materials, which enable our products to have a longer service life, more upscale look, better texture, better function.

Rotatable and Foldable

Foldable and rotatable design makes the headset very convenient whether it is placed in a backpack or hung around the neck. Make it easier and more convenient to carry around.

Comfort Fit

HD Microphone

Wired Mode

Comfort Fit

Only 0.38lb bluetooth headphones and memory protein earmuff provide all day comfort for ears and head, and unique earcup design allows the headphones to fit better in the ear.

HD Microphone

Built-in HD microphone supported by exclusive technology provides a clearer and more soundproof call experience during calls, as if talking face to face with relatives and friends.

Wired Mode

If you suddenly have no power during use, you can plug included 3.5mm audio cable to complete a seamless toggle, and by included lightweight carrying pouch, enjoy uninterrupted music anytime anywhere.


bluetooth headphones

Key Specifications

Mode: 6EQ Modes (Pop、Rock、Vocal、Jazz、BassUp、Classic )

Bluetooth Version: V5.3

Impedance: 32Ω±15%

Driver (Full Range): 2 × 40 mm

Frequency Response: 20Hz~30kHz

Range: 33ft

Sensitivity: 116.4±3dB

Charge Time: 2-2.5 Hours

Use a 5.0V==1.0A (or higher than 1.0A) charger to charge BERIBES headphones wireless bluetooth

Compatible: Phone, MP3, MP4, Pc, Laptops, iPad, iPhone, Android and other bluetooth devices

How to Use Smart One Connect Two:

1. Make sure the over ear headphones have been connected to the first Bluetooth device successfully.

2. Turn off the first device’s Bluetooth.

3. Turn on the second device’s Bluetooth, find the “WH202A” and select it to pair with your device.

4. Turn on the first device’s Bluetooth and select “WH202A” to pair it your headset is connected to the 2 devices at the same time.

Important information

Legal Disclaimer

60 days free return and two year warranty, lifetime worry free user support, any parts got damage, BERIBES will provide free replacement by fastest us anytime if you have any questions about the product

To report an issue with this product,click here.

Additional information


Black, Green, White, Orange Red, Pink

10 reviews for BERIBES Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear, 65H Playtime and 6 EQ Music Modes Wireless Headphones with Microphone, HiFi Stereo Foldable Lightweight Headset, Deep Bass for Home Office Cellphone PC Ect.

  1. Valosia Omega (verified owner)

    4.0 out of 5 stars My Goto headphones, love around whole ear headphones! ❤️
    I got these and a pair of Sony Headphones, at the same time.. but, the Sony Headphones I do not like because they does not go over the whole ear. The ear pices on the Sony ones sit on top of the ear but these actually cover the entire ear which I like👍! 👌
    Because it covers the whole ear, it helps block out a little more sound and it also is going to help keep the ear warmer in the winter. (Plus, being on the Autism Spectrum and having sensory issues, this whole ear coverage helps sooth and comfort, in a way.. it makes me feel safer and lessens stress and anxiety.

    I love these headphones and I do not want to forget to mention, the sound quality is great also! 👌 ❤️

    I am all about that sound and I love them! ❤️

    Though, I ordered 2 different pairs of headphones at the same time (not knowing which one I would like), I am glad I did because I can let my daughter use the other pair for schooling and I have them as backups to my back-ups (Lol!).

    I quite Honestly have to have a pair of headphones at all times, it is a comfort tool and I also use the headphones for everything.. from watching my shows to listening to music, to talking on phone.. research, litterally everything I do, I need headphones for and I need headphones that are comforting and these are so comfortable — unlike the Sony’s pair that
    I got at the same time! 😞

    So, as for these headphones:
    I would RECOMMEND these
    headphones! ❤️

  2. Jason Wilson (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars At Lightning Price This Is HOT
    Very simple pairing with iPhone X. Just look for WH202A. Lay flat design but no case to go with it.

    Hold the power button for like 4-5 seconds to actually turn off (or on), a bit longer than expected. English language confirmations and such though. “Powering off”, ….

    I have a bigger head, and *ears*, but it’s comfy even with glasses which I can easily take on and off while wearing . Kind of pillow soft like the first gen Bose headphones but those headphones didn’t last long for their price.

    Definitely *way* better at lows than 1st gen iPods. There is an “eq” button on the left. The “jazz” setting seems the best for me. The rock setting gives a bump to base, etc. The classical setting makes music seem so flat you’ll walk past Yo Yo Ma plying his craft in the NYC subway.

    I’m listening to four by Blues Travelers right now – a very cleanly recorded album. (I’m not listening from the original CD rather Youtube music). It’s slightly mushy compared to mu energy studio monitors. Adele and Lady Gaga sound great – perhaps since I haven’t heard them on top-tier equipment before.

    Bluetooth from iPhone X works flawlessly through two doors (though only about 15ft).

    In summary, while I will continue to always have my 1st gen iPods on person, these headphones are reminding me that music is supposed to be rich.

  3. Michael V (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars Not bad for $21
    I got these because I needed some headphones but I didn’t want to spend $60 for a good set or $300+ for a great set so I found these with good reviews and thought I’ll give them a try. They are great! They charged quickly and connected to my Samsung S21 very quickly, quicker than my Apple Airpods! The sound wasn’t life changing but I still enjoyed listening to my music and I’m very particular about sound quality. I can easily skip songs or play them back with the two volume buttons on the side, the power button is easy to use. The headphones tell you when they power on/off. Charging is included, its a C charger. Something I noticed that I LOVE about these is in my Bluetooth settings it actually shows the battery percentage! Not even my airpods show their battery percentage and its Apple! Maybe because I’m using them on a rival company phone they don’t show the battery power but a 20$ set on Amazon do so not bad, I don’t have to guess when they’ll run out of battery unlike the airpods. They are also pretty comfortable, they sit around and over my ears so they aren’t squishing them down. Other headphones press down on my ears and they start to hurt but these don’t do that.

    Get these headphones if you want a good cheap set!

  4. Steve (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars So far so good
    So far so good. Not really anything to complain about for $20. It came fully charged and ready to go. Connecting to my phone was simple. I will note that these may be uncomfortable for someone that wears glasses. I used these with sunglasses on and they started hurting after a few minutes. I removed the sunglasses and pain vanished. They are light and comfortable to wear for an extended time in general. The earcups rotate outward for when you have them around your neck. I would prefer if they rotated inward but that is a personal preference. I have only used them for about a total of 4 hrs so I cannot say if the claimed battery life is accurate. They sound good and bass is punchy. I would expect these to cost more than they did. Overall, for $20 you definitely cannot go wrong in buying these.

  5. Spoiled Pisces (verified owner)

    4.0 out of 5 stars Not quite “mint” to be
    So the biggest bummer for me is that I brought these for the color. It says that they are green, but they look more like a blue. Or at least it’s not the mint green color that’s depicted in the picture. The picture was misleading and I thought they were mint green (my fave color). I probably would not have brought them otherwise. I was just excited for the color.

    I brought them last night. They arrived this morning. I have been using them every since. And I’ve barely used any battery power. It’s still almost full. I absolutely love that. Great battery.

    Sound quality is just ok. If you’re an audiophile I absolutely do not recommend. But if you just want something decent to listen to books, movies, music etc. Then this would be perfect for you.

    I’ve also used them for talking on my cellphone as well and they were great. No complaints there at all. Oh except if you answer your phone with them on. There was a delay in the connection. But I put on halfway through a conversation and no delay.

    Hope this helps

  6. Ellie (verified owner)

    4.0 out of 5 stars Probably something better out there
    I am not sure how much I like or hate these. I returned a pair of another brand that I kind of liked, but had some deficits as far as voice clarity. I chose these beause were supposed to be lighter and have better sound isolation, and can connect to two devices simultaneously (i.e. phone & TV). I suppose they are lighter, but because they have rotating ear muffs, they tend to flop around on your head and not stay in place. However, the sound, both voice & music, is pretty good. I can hear words clearly when watching a movie or TV (which is what I bought them for). They are not noise cancelling, but sound isolating, which means the ear muffs should block out most outside sounds. They do not. Not only can I hear my air conditioner when it goes on, it actually sounds worse than it does without these phones on. There’s a weird echo of higher pitched outside sound. It does well blocking out low sounds. The controls are easy to find and manipulate, so that’s a plus. Another plus is that whatever volume you set it at, it stays at, so your ears don’t get blasted by full volume every time you turn them on. Right now, I am considering returning them and trying yet another pair. I don’t want to become a serial returner, so I will keep them another week or two to see if the annoyances outweigh the good.

  7. Mathew M. (verified owner)

    4.0 out of 5 stars Almost thought they were broken
    These did not pair right away. I tried for 15 minutes, a voice through the headphones would say they were connected but would not play any audio from my phone. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting again, experimenting with different toggles, switching between spotify, youtube, etc. before giving up. Tried again a few hours later and they paired and worked right away even though I did nothing different.

    They sound nice. They’re comfortable to wear. I can walk into the other room without them disconnecting. I can control the volume from my phone. Music and regular videos both sound good.

    I don’t notice any noise cancelling. Cupping your hands over your ears has basically the same “noise cancelling” effect as these headphones, but I don’t have to blast music to hear it over a tv. Its good enough.

    These work just fine for me, I just want to listen to music in my house without it sounding like its distorted or muffled. These are a great option.

  8. Christine A. Kaleikini (verified owner)

    4.0 out of 5 stars Get the Asurion insurance!
    I’ve been using these headphones for watching TV for exactly one year. I’ve really enjoyed them but they are very difficult to charge. No matter what I did it was almost impossible to insert the charging cord into the charger on the headphone. Finally when I could no longer charge the product I had to give up and will have get a new set. In order to get a replacement I’m way past the 30 day window to get a refund, etc. From now on before I buy another set I’m going to open the box and check out the charging apparatus. Also I didn’t like the fact that you can’t find the volume keys with the headphones on. You have to take them off to adjust the volume. Dang that is a hassle. Also this is the first time I didn’t buy the optional insurance! Learned my lesson but at least they were super inexpensive!

  9. Pinkmommy (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic sound quality
    In the past I bought JBL headphones, but unfortunately both pairs I purchased went bad in less than a year. I decided to look for another cheap option as I didn’t want to risk wasting a lot of money of headphones that don’t last. I only just received these headphones a few days ago, but the sound quality on these are AMAZING!!! I would compare them to the Beats Solo headphones (which I owned a few years ago). Not sure about noise canceling but I don’t care about that anyway because I like to be aware of my surroundings (lol), and trust me, when you have the music up all the way, you won’t hear anything through them. Overall, after looking through several affordable options, I’m happy I picked the right headphones! Get them!!!

  10. j.vincent (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars These sound great!
    Dang!…I’m amazed at how nice these BT headphones are. One little button on left switches 6 different equalizer choices…very nice. Ear cushions are soft with plenty of room and noise blocking. They are not gaudy, like they were made for Kligons but are subtle and classy looking. Usb-c, positive touch volume and simple on/off press button. Even after 4 hours of wearing them I had no discomfort and even wore them lying down on couch they are very comfortable with no bumps or hard plastic pressing anywhere. Of course a pair of Senheisers would be nice too but these are great if you’re not a picky sound snob. The build quality, color and comfort are perfect for my listening choices with just the right amount of bass or if more if I choose. Very good choice for me.

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