HP Elite RGB Desktop Computer PC, Intel Core i7 up to 3.8GHz, 16G RAM, 512G SSD, New 22 inch FHD LED Monitor, RGB Keyboard and Mouse, RGB BT Sound Bar, Webcam, WiFi, BT 5.0, Windows 10 Pro (Renewed)

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HP Elite RGB Desktop Computer PC, Intel Core i7 up to 3.8GHz, 16G RAM, 512G SSD, New 22 inch FHD Monitor, RGB Keyboard and Mouse, Sound Bar, Webcam, WiFi, BT 5.0, Windows 10 Pro (Renewed)

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12 reviews for HP Elite RGB Desktop Computer PC, Intel Core i7 up to 3.8GHz, 16G RAM, 512G SSD, New 22 inch FHD LED Monitor, RGB Keyboard and Mouse, RGB BT Sound Bar, Webcam, WiFi, BT 5.0, Windows 10 Pro (Renewed)

  1. Somewhat Decent (verified owner)

    4.0 out of 5 stars It’s decent, almost below decent actually.
    If you’re just looking for something to game on this thing is okay, don’t expect to be able to play triple A games or new Gen games – I mean, this thing runs on old Gen tech too, but if your looking for a game or a line to draw on what to play, CS:GO averages around 40-53 fps on all low and full screen for me. I also ran a benchmark tester for VR but it always crashes and gives a gpu error.

    If you also want to upgrade whatever you can with this, buy a 890, anything beyond that isn’t going to fit in the case – nonetheless the case that they use practically only works for whatever they put in it, meaning you aren’t able to upgrade most parts like the power supply.

    You’re still better off playing games on low and games from 2008-2015, Borderlands 2, old CoD’s and all that.

  2. Delcocat (verified owner)

    4.0 out of 5 stars HP EliteDesk 800 G1 SFF High Performance, Intel Quad Core i5-4590 upto 3.7GH – Over all VG
    This is a great older desktop computer system. The Intel i5 core and 16 gigs of ram and 1t hard drive this came with for me makes this a system that is still relevant (unless your thinking of upgrading or going with Windows 11). Down sides: no dvd burner (just standard dvd). Being an older desktop (2013) I think the Bios is maxed out and it doesn’t have quite the capacity to have as many available up to date slots and not a lot of room to play with for adding drives & devices etc. The 256 gig SSD it came with & had the OS on was not so great to me. It would have been nice and much better to have a matching size of 1T SSD. It came with Windows 10 Pro which is a plus for many but for me honestly I would have preferred Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate (call me silly) but outside of a few niceties I absolutely despise any OS Microsoft came out with after 7. I get that beginning with Windows 8 they started being more smart phone like or friendly but when they think so little of their customers that instead of just improving on & bringing an OS up to date instead force you to re-learn a system, lose functionality, familiarity, compatibility, put up with less control, forced updates, forced ads, lack of control, infringement of your privacy – any way that is another story. All in all pretty decent , pretty fast, functional system.

  3. Dr. Michael W. Ecker (verified owner)

    3.0 out of 5 stars Potentially powerful and great refurb machine that is hurt by Windows 10
    I am a computer collector, frequently buying refurbs rather than new in order to save money. I currently own between 115 and 140 computers and/or computing-class devices, depending on whether certain devices are counted (e.g., Alexa devices?, Google assistants? smartphones?). That is not bragging. I tell this to give a context in which to evaluate my review. This includes plenty of PCs with Windows 10, as well as 8, 7, XP, and more, plus Macs, tablets & phones (Android mostly but quite a few Apple ios), in forms of desktops, laptops, all-in-ones, etc., going back to a TRS-80 Model III purchased February 1982.

    My real reason for the purchase of a refurbished HP EliteDesk 800 G2 was the 32 GB RAM. It was helpful that it has a sixth generation core i7 chip as well as a 500 TB solid-state drive. (Up until this past month – April 2020 – the largest RAM capacity I’ve had in a single PC was 16 GB, which had been my standard for most Windows PCs and Mac. I also recently purchased a Dell laptop with 32 GB RAM, and this week I am increasing the RAM on my Dell XPS 8700 from 16 GB to 32 GB.)

    I added a refurbished 27″ curved Scepter monitor and a lightweight, portable 1 TB external hard drive, the latter to afford room for keeping about 300 GB of movies that would choke the internal hard drive. It also is the backup drive for the internal C: drive.

    Performance is decent, but it is hard to tell. Why? For several days of setup, I kept running into the same three or four problems that seem to relate to Windows 10, as follows:

    a) Dropbox Business, annual paid version, in use on my Windows PCs, kept crashing, despite lots of tweaking.
    b) The PC and/or Windows 10 simply would not let Chrome open. I installed Firefox.
    c) Windows Defender kept having problems, including never turning on real-time protection.
    d) Various Windows warnings and interference with installation or running of programs.

    After several days, I babied Dropbox, which currently uses 13% of my 2 TB allotment. My remedy was to let it have just small downloads via limiting same using Selective Sync. Eventually, I seem to have it stabilized, but after 10 days, I cannot say I can trust it as I can on other PCs. As for a browser, after using Firefox for several days, I retried Chrome and for some reason it now seems to work fine, no longer having the earlier problem. I am too heavily invested in and reliant on the conveniences of Chrome with Google search to be willing to give it up – and I never use Microsoft Edge with its Bing search, or Internet Explorer, unless I have to or for some comparison test.

    As for an anti-virus product, I gave up researching how to get Windows Defender to turn on real-time protection and switched to one of the free competitors – in this case, Avast. I am using the free version, although I’ve had good experiences also with free versions of Avira and Kaspersky on other PCs.

    SUMMARY: I almost returned the machine… and indeed, I will be watching closely the new week or two to make sure it is more beneficial to keep than return. But, is it fair to take out software problems (Windows 10) on the hardware? I like to think I am pretty good with getting around Windows PCs. It may seem a bit unfair, but the machine is largely inseparable from the operating system, at least for most people. I use a lot of Windows 10 machines and have a slight preference for Windows 7 still, but the problems on this machine are unusual.

    After 10 days, things seem stable for the moment. However, I do not quite feel the power or speed of 32 GB of RAM on this desktop PC the way I do on my refurbished Dell Latitude 7480, which also has a sixth-gen core i7 processor, or as I do feel on my Dell XPS 8700 desktop with 32 GB RAM. I can’t say it’s this HP 800 desktop PC that is not that good, but somehow, it just does not have that same feel or pep that it ought to have – maybe because of the problems I’ve had. As my testing and installing continue, I am getting a better feeling, and I am currently at giving this 3.5 stars, but still short of 4 stars out of 5.

    UPDATE: Minor edits added 8 May 2020, plus I am mentioning that I have decided to keep the machine. I have definitely tamed it to overcome the earlier deficiencies, and I would rate it 3.8 now… but not enough to give 4 stars. This is not so much because of existing problems; it is because the initial trouble I had means that I cannot reward this system and/or the seller for the problems it gave me and could presumably be giving other buyers.

    (Dr. Michael W. Ecker is a skeptic and a Ph.D. mathematician – CUNY 1978, Ph.D. Summa Cum Laude – who researches and writes prolifically. He is also a retired PSU mathematics professor and former computer journalist. He owns well over a hundred computers/ computing-class devices.)

  4. Hazel (verified owner)

    4.0 out of 5 stars Good for your money, but I wish I’d spent $50 more
    Computer came as advertised and is solid. I’m able to do work stuff, some light gaming (it’ll run the sims, minecraft, and OSRS easily), and browse the web. I do wish I could use it to record music though. When i try, it gives me an error saying the computer’s write speed isn’t fast enough, and the computer does generally feel slow at times. Solid $125 computer, but if you have the money you should go up a price point.

    One thing I will note is DO NOT BUY THE WARRANTY. When I got the computer one of the first things I did was pop open the case to inspect it and make sure that I had actually gotten what I paid for, and when closing the case again I noticed I had torn a sticker. The warranty voids if you so much as open the case. That’s like voiding the warranty on a new car for popping the hood. I’m very glad I didn’t waste my money buying a warranty.

  5. Dusty (verified owner)

    4.0 out of 5 stars computer blue
    arrived in excellent condition. unfortunately had to return due to compatibility issues. good choice for someone who can use it though, cheaper than new. return process was easy.

  6. Steward (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars Meets My Needs
    In December 2022, I bought one of these computers for my wife. It worked very well. In fact, it worked so well that in late May 2023, I bought one for myself, replacing a faithful, but older and slower computer.

    Before setting everything up, I checked out the computer externally and internally. It was CLEAN, showing no marks of rust, dust, and dirt. Except for a very small external scratch, it looked new. Functionally, it’s VERY quick and reliable, helping me to get my work done fast. I haven’t encountered any problems with its Wi-Fi capabilities or any other function.

    Other than its mouse cord being a few inches shorter than the standard mouse’s, I am most pleased with my purchase.

  7. Savvy (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome purchase!
    This computer is lightning fast and super quiet! I purchased a refurbished Dell in Sept 2022 and I didn’t realize how loud it was and the hard drive crashed in 6 months. HP has always been my best pick and this system is well worth every penny spent!

  8. Amazon customer (verified owner)

    3.0 out of 5 stars Faulty HDD, support was quick!… to replace it with another faulty hdd
    When I first got this computer there were a few things I noticed. Firstly, the side panel was loose and there was no screw in the back to (rather uselessly) keep it in place. Okay, its refurbished. Slight problem. The other being the dented in heat sink for the CPU fan. Again, refurbished. The last post-opening issue is the PSU’s cord is way to small but that’s easily rectified. Of course, mine was a pro-desk instead of an elite-desk but considering I dont know the actual differences, I don’t know how much a cheat that is.

    On to launching the pc, of which it started fast! And straight to the setup for Windows 10. It’s nice and straightforward, with a digital key activation at the end. Keep in mind that you’ll need an ethernet cable to have access to the internet until you can download the necessary Windows updates to use either the built in wifi or an adapter (I personally used the latter).

    Checking the pc components, everything is as promised. The cpu is indeed an i5- 4th generation, 16gb ram, 256 (a slight bit lower but that’s expected) ssd, 1tb(again, a bit lower) hdd, and everything ran fine the first day.

    In terms of using graphics heavy programs, such as modeling programs or recent video games, this pc will definitely not be for you *unless* you spend an additional 300 or so dollars for a dedicated low profile gpu. It should excel at doing pretty much anything else, however.

    Enough of the good stuff, heres the bad. Yesterday, when I received the product, the computer ran as expected and was as quiet as a sleeping baby. However, when I started it today, a thumping noise could be heard from the case. After putting my ear to it and feeling where the thumping was coming from, it became increasingly clear that it was the hdd. It generates a loud thump whenever it writes or reads files. I’ve had a pc do this in the past right before the hdd failed and became a useless piece of metal so the one that I got is likely going to end up being the same way.

    In terms of support I’ve contacted skytech, USA llc, the company that appeared on the box and this store page as I purchased it. They’ve stated they dont even know what this computer is.
    I’ve contacted astsys, the company that has their support stickers on the computer. There hasn’t been a peep yet, but I suspect they’re closed at the moment so I’ll wait until tomorrow to get a response.
    Lastly, Amazon tech support suggested a return and refund. I was hoping for a replaced hdd instead, but if astsys doesnt respond, I’ll take their advice. I’ll update this review once I take either option.

    TL;DR Great when it works, but remember that its refurbished and something might go wrong the very next day or 3 months out. Play smart and get the additional warranty and hope for the best if you’re going to purchase this.

    EDIT 1: Maybe my edit will save this time. Anyway, Astsys answered back and offered a pre-paid replacement for the faulty HDD the very next day at 6:00 AM. They were quick and understood the situation immediately, answering every query I threw at them along the way. I’m hoping the new hard drive will work, but the support is definitely admirable! Because of this, I’ll up my review score accordingly.

    EDIT 2: Got the new hdd. Right off the bat, I’m disappointed to see yet *another* Seagate Constellation. But I gave it a chance, slid it into the tray nice and easy, booted the computer and! *drumroll* it had the same thumping noise the old one had, only slightly quieter now. Is this a Seagate classic? It’s still loud enough and constant enough to be greatly annoying. I’m going to contact support once again with images of the innards to see if they cant find anything wrong with the chassis. If they suggest another replacement hdd, I’m going to refuse and just buy some other one to throw in there instead. I’ll be deducting the review score for now. I’m sure the Amazon review verification team love me by now with all the edits I’m throwing here.

  9. Janet M Carney (verified owner)

    4.0 out of 5 stars crashing
    This computer keeps crashing whenever I try to play a game. So disappointing.

  10. Old Scott (verified owner)

    3.0 out of 5 stars Best be a little flexible with what you actually get
    When you buy a refurbished computer, it is best to be a little flexible. You may not get exactly what you ordered. What I ordered was a HP EliteDesk 800 G2 Business Desktop Mini Tower, Intel Core i7 6700 3.4Ghz, 32GN DDR4 RAM, 512GB SSD Hard Drive, and Windows 10 Pro (Renewed). It was purchased from an Amazon supplier called “Refurbish by Cameco”. For the most part, the computer I received matched the Amazon description. However, the computer case was not a mini tower but a SFF (small form factor). Also the size of the SSD hard drive was not 512GB but 1TB.

    I really wanted the extra room and flexibility of the mini tower and was willing to pay an additional $40 over other SFF offerings to get it. However, the SFF computer arrived nearly a full month after original delivery date so I thought it prudent to keep the SFF computer barring anything significantly wrong with it. Otherwise, I may still be waiting on a computer. (A few years ago I ordered a different refurbish computer from a different supplier and a similar thing happened.)

    The computer was packaged very well and there was no sign of damage due to shipping. The computer case did have some scratches on one side and there were some minor blemishes on the front panel. The computer was clean inside and out.

    The computer booted cleanly the first time. There was no extraneous software, just Windows Pro 10.
    The revision of Windows 10 Pro on this PC was around a year old so I used a new copy of Windows 10 Install Media on a USB drive to update the OS before doing anything else. The Windows 10 product key installed in the system is an enterprise key and does NOT match the product key on the label on the top of the PC case. I left the enterprise key installed. The Window 10 “About” screen and some free utility software both indicated the processor and memory match the Amazon description. The SSD hard drive is a rather good Micron brand and a free SMART disk drive utility software indicated the SSD should still have 94% of its expected life. (I hope that’s right.) Also, utility software indicated the speed of the Micron SSD, which is around 540MB/s peak, is rather good for computer of this age. For those who wonder if an additional hard drive can be added, I did add a 1TB SSD to this SFF chassis with no issues. The motherboard does have one free SATA port and there is space for an additional hard drive.

    The USB ports of the computer that I tested seem to work correctly. The DVD/CD drive seems to work correctly. The old style PS2 keyboard port and the PS2 mouse port DO NOT work. Since computer comes with a USB keyboard and USB mouse and other new keyboards and mice are usually USB, most users won’t even notice this issue. The VGA video port works correctly. The two DP display ports work correctly.

    The computer came WiFi USB device but I did not use it, since I had a better WiFi device at hand.

    I has been about two weeks since I first received the computer and it is still running well.

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