STGAubron Gaming Desktop PC,Intel Core I5 3.3Ghz up to 3.7Ghz,GeForce RTX 2060 6G GDDR6,16G RAM,512G SSD,WiFi,BT 5.0,RGB Fan x 3,RGB Keybaord & Mouse,RGB Mouse Pad,RGB Bluetooth Sound Bar,W10H64

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Aubron Desktop
RGB Gaming
Aubron Gaming Desktop

Intel core i5

Aubron Desktop


Powerful processing and drive options

Select from powerful Intel Quad Core i5-4590 3.3GHz up to 3.7GHz and integrated Intel HD UMA graphics along with other configurable options that let businesses configure the right STGAubron for each user’s needs.

Dual-disk combination meets both performance and storage requirements

Come with 512G SSD for your rapid speed supports faster Boot speed and faster storage rates so that you can store more games, photos, music and movies.

Release potential and enjoy creation

The chassis is equipped with 3 RGB high-volume fans, and the maximum wind pressure of 2.7mmH20 can effectively reduce the ambient temperature in the chassis, thereby effectively assisting the cooling of the original components such as the CPU and graphics card, Bringing you a better gaming experience.

Aubron Desktop

RTX 2060 6G GDDR6

This high-performance gaming PC is capable of running a wide range of popular games, including Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone, Escape from Tarkov, GTA V, World of Warcraft, LOL, Valorant, Apex Legends, Roblox, Overwatch, CSGO, Battlefield V, Minecraft, Elden Ring, Rocket League, The Division 2, and Hogwarts Legacy (at 1440p resolution), among others. It can handle these games at the highest graphics settings, with detailed 4K Ultra HD resolution and smooth gameplay of 60+ frames per second.

Aubron Desktop

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RTX 2060 6G, RTX 2060 6G GDDR6, RTX 3070 8G GDDR6, RX 580 8G

10 reviews for STGAubron Gaming Desktop PC,Intel Core I5 3.3Ghz up to 3.7Ghz,GeForce RTX 2060 6G GDDR6,16G RAM,512G SSD,WiFi,BT 5.0,RGB Fan x 3,RGB Keybaord & Mouse,RGB Mouse Pad,RGB Bluetooth Sound Bar,W10H64

  1. Shae Edge (verified owner)

    3.0 out of 5 stars Its ok
    We have had this about 15 days. The keyboard had issues with a few keys – we replaced it with a different one, but then after a week plugged the original back in and the keys are working again. The headphones don’t work now either. Neither do any of his old ones. We tried all 3 plugs on the back, but headphones don’t work with it it seems. The whole setup worked in the beginning, but 2 weeks in and there’s issues… We only have a month or so to return it. I’m hoping we dont have to! Sent a message to seller – hoping they respond.

  2. ZoomEZ (verified owner)

    4.0 out of 5 stars Room for improvement
    somehow after an RMA claim I wound up with a higher end CPU i7 4770- i74790 and I was able to put a nice set of Antec fans in the case for better airflow and more mesmerizing RGB effects I have my new i7 4790 paired with a RTX 3070Ti instead of the factory RTX 2060 and my frames are nothing to droll over but they definitely allow for some great gaming performance I was able to pick up my 3070 for around 450 U.S so i mean at least ill have it for future builds I would highly recommend for the money it will get you into the scene and is certainly entry level with this H81 board I ordered a i7 4770k to try and overclock it and was unpleasantly disappointed all in all it is a solid pc runs smoothly haven’t crashed despite drawing power for an RTX 3070Ti with factory PSU I’m pretty sure I’m hitting some power limits and bottlenecks but its still smooth and snappy on boot and runs anything i throw at it how well it does is another story

  3. Big Daddy (verified owner)

    2.0 out of 5 stars I really want to love it but…
    Purchase the STGAubron Gaming Desktop PC Computer for my son to replace a rather old laptop and more gaming options. I chose this one because of the i7 processor, 16 gigs of memory and the GeForce video card. Granted these components aren’t the most recent but their nothing to sneeze at for the price. The memory is maxed out but there are 2 spare SATA ports for additional hard drives. The first PC was never delivered due to damage in route then it took 2wks and a phone call to get the refund before I could order it again. Second one came within a few days. It was packaged well, even had packing inside the case to keep the components stable. There’s usb ports on the top of the case as well as mic, audio, power and restart. Labeling of these ports needs white paint so you can see them especially when the power light is on and the room is dark. The back has the usual expected ports and some of the usb ports are pretty tight but still usable. There is a VGA port on the back with a cap over it and a sticker that says do not use yet a VGA cable was included and I had to supply the DVI cable to connect to the video card, ODD. The usual flashy lights that come with gaming computers and a multitude of fans should keep everything cool. The power supply is under the bottom fans along with the SSD which I also find a bit odd. I’d rather have the SSD away from the heat of the power supply, js. The left side of the case is a framed glass door with a push magnet latch and lifts off the hinges for easy access. I had an existing monitor and connecting everything was pretty self explanatory and had no issues. Booting up was flawless and getting updates was faster than I anticipated. After spending some time with it I discovered an issue with registering Windows and I was not provided a product key so customer support time. Called Skytech around 11am and didn’t have to wait too long to talk to a human who didn’t quite understand my issue and requested I send screenshots and she would call me back which I did but she did not so I called again, got a different human who after asking for my ph# stated “You’re having issues registering Office?” I had to explain it was Windows, send the pictures again, she gave me a product key and registration is complete thank you much bye. Then I notice a few other issues which I tried to call customer service back to discuss them but now their too busy and will call me back. The issues are small but a little concerning: Can’t get the sleep option to appear after googling two different ways and still no change. Hybernate appears to shut down because even though the mouse and the keyboard are set to wake the computer they don’t after I choose hybernate, so I have no other option but to press the power button and the computer goes through a complete boot. The monitor wouldn’t come on one time when I rebooted the computer. I thought it was the monitor or the cable but it worked fine on another computer so I rebooted the new one and everything was good. The keyboard, mouse and RGB BT sound bar all plug into usb and have taken turns not working after boot up and I had to unplug the usb then plug it back in for it to work again. Still not disappointed, these are annoyances that hopefully can get resolved. The computer has a super fast boot, is quite despite the seven fans, came with 0 bloatware and was a very decent price. I have until March to return it so we’ll see.

    UPDATE 16Feb2023
    Sent Skytech an email listing the issues with sleep and hybernate, usb devices randomly not working, monitor remaining blank after boot randomly and restart button on cabinet does nothing. They sent me instructions on how to make the sleep option available via bios which worked but the only thing went to sleep was the monitor which wouldn’t wake. They offered a partial refund for the keyboard and mouse stating they might be the wake issue(place confused emoji here). They did not address the monitor issue at all and stated the restart button was disabled due to it possibly causing bluescreen with Windows. I’m done and packing it up to be returned. I think Windows needs to be reloaded at best, crappy motherboard at worst.

  4. Hotttam (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars My Son Loves It!
    My son has been wanting a Gaming PC for a while now for a Better gaming experience. After doing some moderate searching and visiting the “Big Box” retailers locally, I decided on this one. This STGAubron or as my son calls it “Diamond” perfect for beginners. It comes with everything you’ll need to game LED Light-up Gaming Keyboard and Mouse”, sound bar, and Analog Headset! Very easy set up just sign into my Microsoft account was up and going within minutes! Connecting this to wireless was a bit of a task Thankfully the seller sent me a message with instructions through my Amazon Account. I didn’t realize it connects via wireless through a wireless adapter which is also included has lots of USB Ports I believe a total of 6 and has both HDMI and Display ports for Monitors, which is perfect as my son is using 2 monitors but he has his PS5 Connected to 1 monitor via HDMI and his other monitor connected via Display port. Shipping was ok I ordered this on 7/01, with a delivery date of 7/03, however package didn’t arrive until 7/6, but Amazon did keep me posted through email/text message on delivery updates. Overall my son is Happy with his new “Diamond” Lol

  5. Owen Gitchell (verified owner)

    4.0 out of 5 stars Good but not what you’d expect.
    I have to start this review saying: this is not a SkyTech Gaming PC, it is made by a Microsoft Authorized refurbishing company with the name Skytech Global (hence the STG in the name) despite this it’s is definitely a solid piece of gaming equipment for the price of course. Another thing to consider is the Wi-Fi situation. This PC does come with a Wi-Fi adapter but it is not ideal and I am still struggling with figuring out to have Wi-Fi with no bugs. I personally have not tested many games but I have played Valorant and this runs it pretty well. It does come with USB 2.0 and 3.0 inputs on the top of the tower (they do not work very well and are to tight for a usb to fit comfortably. The top of the tower also has microphone jack and headphone jack (this was not mentioned in the online description The RGB fans are a little loud but expected and they come with a little RGB remote (pretty cool). The Mouse and Keyboard and not good. Do not expect them to be good buy your own Mouse and Keyboard along with a pair of headphones. A lot a of people (including myself) we’re wondering what type of i7 processor it has and it is an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz. Which is a slightly old but trustworthy CPU. The packing was very secure with styrofoam on the outside and vacuum sealed packing within the pc itself so nothing moved around during shipping. Overall the quality is there and I would recommend this PC if you’re not planning on spending over $1000 on an okay PC.

  6. affordable home imp. (verified owner)

    4.0 out of 5 stars I purchased 2 of these gaming PC’s Feb,2 2023
    I purchased 2 of these gaming PC’s recently. YES i had very similar issues ( as to other reviews on this PC posted ) with software, Bluetooth, hard drive updates.. I knew this by reading the reviews prior to purchase. I bought the PC’s for the Intel I-7 and NVidia 2060 gaming card. A real value for the $$$ in my opinion. The PC towers come packaged very well with foam holding components on inside as others have said in reviews. I do wish more instructions came with the opening of the packaging. After 2 weeks i just noticed today that there is packaging tape still on the NVidia 2060 card as in the picture i provided it does not say GeForce 2060 cause the packaging tape is covering the name on the card. I did have to spend hours online/phone Tech support with BEST BUY= GEEK SQUAD ( i have a membership for my other pc’s so tech support was no additional cost). After updated software downloads for, windows, Bluetooth and GeForce Nvidia drives….. All is well.. i LOVE the pc’s . I use them daily for hours with running 8 monitors. The PC stays very cool with all the fans inside. Very satisfied Customer!!
    ******UPDATE 02-25-2023 I will be adding 4 more monitors soon to my existing trading layout. I plan on purchasing another identical P.C soon… A real value for what you get..

  7. Ioane (verified owner)

    3.0 out of 5 stars Faulty wifi connector
    Purchased the unit for my brother in law for his birthday, got it all set up but for the life of me the unit refused to connect to internet, I trouble shooter more times than I can count and it refused saying the connection didn’t exist. Thankfully I had a spare USB wifi connector and as soon as I plugged it in it worked great, only docking the star count for the fault connector.

  8. Ask L.A.🗣️ (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars Great for beginners
    I recently purchase this PC for my daughter’s birthday, and I am really impressed by it. I’ve been pricing gaming PCs for a few months now and I wanted one specifically for beginners. This is good for teens and adults. My daughter is 14 and she is able to play her favorite games on the latest platforms. The speed is good, but she wanted to purchase an additional WIFI adapter. IDK why because it works just fine with the included graphics card and wifi adapter. ( I’m guessing only a gamer would know why). The PC came fully equipped with headphones, a sound bar( Bluetooth), remote control, a cool light-up mouse, a keyboard, and a pad. I hope to never need tech support but add the insurance for peace of mind. Get your game on with this PC. It’s a good one.

  9. Johnny Rader (verified owner)

    4.0 out of 5 stars Great value, locked USB port
    Overall a decent PC, I bought this for someone who’s too young for their own account. We found the USB 3 port on the front physically locked, but plugged into the motherboard. Pics show that its not locked.

    He really likes the fans, and from what I can tell they provide decent airflow.
    The 2060 does a decent job on modern games.

  10. Anne Osias (verified owner)

    4.0 out of 5 stars Defected speaker and keyboard
    Keyboard and speaker stopped working 14 days after my son received this for his birthday. Washed in use didn’t a full 10 days. When I called the store not option was to return the whole unit. He already purchased some games on the system not happy!

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