iScooter Electric Scooter,22/18 Miles Range, 18.6/15.6 MPH, 500/350W Foldable Commuting Electric Scooter with Double Braking System and APP for Adults, Teens and Kids

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max scooter iscooter

bright front light and taillight

Headlight & Brake Light


About us:

We, iScooter, from 2020, a small team of engineers started with a vision to challenge and innovate existing electric scooter standards, and have always strived to provide premium, affordable and reliable transportation products to our customers. We gather excellent developers and insist in continuously innovating, in order to create a safe, eco, and environmental traveling experience and meet more daily needs of customers.

MAX electric scooter for adults

iScooter, Made to move easier, greener and cost-effective.

Commuter scooters don’t need to be the fastest things around. It’s long battery life, and the brushless motor is enough to get you to commute and travel. Features a 500W motor, boosting the e-scooter to a max speed of 18.6 MPH. Extra features like headlights, taillights, and available speedometer, IP54 waterproof, and the dual braking system also factored into our commuter picks. We also stuck with scooters that topped out for utmost safety.

  • 500W Powerful Motor
  • 18.6 mph Top Speed % 17-22 miles Long Range
  • Regenerative Battery
  • 10” Solid Tire
  • IP54 Waterproof Rating
  • 4 – 6 h Fast Charging
  • Smart App Controller
  • With a gifts Electric Scooter Bag

500w motor

10.4 ah battery life kick scooter

smart app adults e scooters

clear led dashboard scooter for adults

Conquer 15%-20% Hills

The electric scooters has a 500 W motor, boosting up to 18.6 mph quickly. The powerful motor helps you easily overcome small inclines towards city streets.

Regenerative Battery

If you need a scooter that can go the distance, we recommend the iScooter kick scooter Max. With 36V/10.4 AH upgraded capacity batteries, max travel long-range of up to 17-22 miles. Regenerative battery, you can recharge on the go.

Smart App Controller

Simply pair iScooter electric scooter with your smartphone and use the MiniRobot app to lock/unlock, light on/off, gears, start mode (zero start or non-zero start), customize set maximum speed, cruise control, etc.

Clear & LED Dashboard scooters

With a clear and bright LED dashboard, you can see the battery level, speed, and ride mode functions more clearly, enjoying your ride based on your needs.

commuter electric scooter for adult
Top Speed 18.6 mph* Depends on riding style and terrain 19 mph* Depends on riding style and terrain
Long Range 17-22 miles * Depends on riding style and terrain 17 miles * Depends on riding style and terrain
Motor 500 W 350 W
Larger Solid Tires 10” Maintenance Free Tires 8.5” Maintenance Free Tires
Hill Climbing Approx. 15%-20% Approx. 15%
MAX. Load 264 lbs 264 lbs
Smart App MiniRobot App MiniRobot App
Regenerative Battery
Braking System Double Braking System Double Braking System
Reinforced Fender with Bracket

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i9S(18miles), MAX(22miles)

10 reviews for iScooter Electric Scooter,22/18 Miles Range, 18.6/15.6 MPH, 500/350W Foldable Commuting Electric Scooter with Double Braking System and APP for Adults, Teens and Kids

  1. David (verified owner)

    4.0 out of 5 stars Great for commute but heavy
    Overall, I am thrilled to finally have an electric commute. I am excited about leaving for work and coming home each day because I get to use my new toy. However, there are a few quirks people should know about before buying. I have had this scooter for 4 days and ridden it 5 times (to work twice).

    I am pretty sure the battery is lead, but I can’t find the information anywhere. It is much too heavy to be lithium ion (30 pounds total for the scooter, and I think over half is the 7.5 Ah battery), and the manual says to keep it fully charged and charge it as quickly as possible when it gets drained. Good advice for a lead battery, and not for a lithium battery.

    Conveniently, I don’t drain the battery very far. My battery is still at 73% after my 5 mile round trip commute. (I weigh 120 lb, plus 10 lb backpack, flat commute both ways with a few stop signs, going 18 mph almost the whole time.) The manual says 14-17 miles for a 150 lb person going 10 mph, which is consistent with my numbers. It takes roughly 2 hours to charge back up from 73%.

    The top speed is 18 mph, not 19 as advertised. On the app it says 18.6, on the scooter’s display it says 18. I did not do an independent check. The speed is software limited – the motor could go much faster.

    I can only get cruise control to work at top speed. Though this top speed is adjustable through the app, and can be quickly toggled between two user-set values with the scooter’s button.

    According to the manual, the scooter’s regenerative brakes kick in as soon as I release the throttle, and this brake is smooth and not aggressive. This is kind of nice, but mostly annoying when I just wanted to coast through a turn. The throttle is a little jumpy, hard to smoothly accelerate, which is not great for turns. But honestly it’s fine and I am already getting better. There is also a hand brake like on a bike. Cruise control is released when pulling the brake or pushing the throttle.

    The platform is not quite big enough for two man feet, either toe to heel in length or side by side in width. It works well for me though because I like to ride with my feet diagonal to the platform anyway, and it feels the right size that way. One foot straight and one foot across or diagonal also works fine. Bigger platform than standard kids scooter.

    Two features are great: built in front and rear lights for night riding, and reinforced rear mudflap. The front light is quite bright and aims slightly down, so it illuminates up to about 10 ft in front of the scooter. I think I will use a headlamp to aim a bit further out. On a standard scooter, the rear mudflap is the brake, so I like that they reinforced it just in case I tried to revert back to old habits.

    Note that a smartphone is a must. The speed limit defaults to some lower level, and you have to install the free app to change it. There are a few other things in the app, but not much. The app lets you see the instantaneous voltage, current, and power of the battery, but I can’t look at my phone while driving! So I still have no idea what power I am drawing at full speed. The app also lets you lock the scooter. Presumably only that phone can unlock it, and I don’t know what happens if your phone dies. Or maybe any phone can unlock it, in which case I don’t know what the point was. I don’t bother with locks – my workplace is safe and I bring it inside at home.

    The folding mechanism is pretty slick, though I suspect it will break at some point. The kickstand is fine but doesn’t make it particularly stable – my daughter accidently knocks it over constantly even though it is folded and leaning on the kickstand (it falls away from the kickstand easily).

    The display is easy to read (shows speed) in full sunlight. Not much suspension, but I am doing fine going top speed through some rough pavement and thick speed bumps by just bending my knees. On bumpy surfaces my glasses vibrate, which makes it very hard to see straight.

    Overall, works very well as a budget commuting scooter. It costs me 4 cents to recharge, vs $2 in gas for my Honda Accord going to the same place. The pricier scooters go faster, weigh less, have suspension, have more natural throttles, and have turn signals. I docked one star for the product not being honest with me about what type of battery this thing has – I’m still not sure. But it’s working well.

  2. Sean Grover (verified owner)

    4.0 out of 5 stars From the perspective of someone who relies on this scooter as a primary means of transportation.
    This review is from the perspective of someone who relies on this scooter as a primary means of transportation.

    I bought my I-scooter a little under three months ago and the scooter has been my primary mode of transportation since it arrived. I have been very happy with it since it came out of the box. This scooter has been a joy and a blessing.

    At first, the scooter did not seem to want to go much faster than 16 MPH, and maxed at 17. Now, after a couple of months have passed (and after I have lost a few pounds), the scooter will cruise at 18 MPH and peak at 19 MPH.

    If you are considering purchasing this scooter, it is important to consider your own body weight combined with your intention for the scooter – are you are purchasing the scooter as a reliable means of transportation or just for recreation? When I purchased my scooter, I weighed 185 lb. My current weight is 172 lb. Body weight impacts top speed. If I weighed less than what I currently weigh, I suspect that the scooter would be faster, so if you weigh more than 170 lb, you will not reach the top speed that is advertised.

    Weight also impacts range. The maximum range for me as someone who weighs 172 lb is about 8.5 miles.

    I live in the city, I live alone, and I work from home. This scooter has eliminated my need for a car because everywhere that I may want to go is within the scooter’s range. When I grocery shop, I can fit everything that I need in my small back pack and I can get to and from the grocery store on my scooter in about the same amount of time that it takes to drive a car in the city.

    The hand brake takes some getting used to. The hand break brakes is highly responsive; the brakes are capable of bringing the scooter to an immediate complete stop from motion at top speed. Coming to an immediate stop from top speed would likely result in injury.

    The scooter is very ridged. Traveling on road surfaces that are not smooth can become unnerving above 10 MPH so I have identified routes to all locations that present minimal potential wear and tear on the scooter.

    I have not ridden the scooter at night, so I can’t review night / headlight performance. Personally, I try to avoid using the scooter after dark but I am not advising against riding at night.

    Value: I cannot get over the price of this scooter. I feel that this scooter is worth twice the amount that it is currently selling for.

    Over-all, this scooter is perfect if you are looking for an alternative means of transportation. If you work from home, if you are a college student, or if you work within 5 or 6 miles from home, this amazing scooter may be a perfect solution. If you use the scooter for transit to and from work, you just have to remember to charge it while you work. The scooter folds, it is easy to carry right into the office. The mobile app that you download onto your mobile phone allows the scooter to lock the wheels, but you will still want to purchase a solid bicycle lock for when you are out and about and need to leave your scooter unattended.

  3. Tim Leonard (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars The review you want!
    I bought this for local commute to-and-from work. I work maybe a mile and a half away from where I live, so I wanted something inexpensive that just works.

    For starters, I’m 5’9” and about 225lbs. The scooter is built very well. On a FULL CHARGE, it WILL get up to 15mph. When you get going and you haven’t re-throttled, it will set the cruise around 11-12mph. To go higher, just throttle out again and the speed will continue to increase. It will reset the cruise at 15mph. As the charge drops, it sacrifices some speed to not kill the battery, so it won’t really go over 12mph.

    It comes with a headlight and taillight built in that works very well. If you’d like to upgrade, that’s a personal preference. After you turn the unit on, press the button again to activate the lights.

    The braking system is good overall. The only thing to keep in mind is that you need to lead into your braking a little early since the brakes are smaller. Weight will probably affect this too. The tires and wheels are sturdy and it rides well on all paved surfaces.

    My only cons to this unit is that I wish the platform was a little larger and that the brake handle was a little bigger, but that’s just me nit-picking! I suggest adding a Bluetooth speaker to yours to add a little fun to your commute!

  4. jds (verified owner)

    3.0 out of 5 stars Fun to ride. Highly disappointing battery life.
    -seems very sturdy and well built. Welds all look great, and it feels very solid to ride.
    -fun to ride. Maneuverable, good brakes. Not the fastest or quickest accelerating, but perfectly acceptable.
    -very easy to fold and secure with a cable bike lock through the back wheel.

    -the app, though rudimentary, works. It connected immediately and gives you plenty of information.
    -single button control panel. It works, but for switching modes and lights, just use the app rather than trying to push the button over and over.

    -Range..yikes. I’m not a small guy, but I’m well under the weight rating. I didn’t expect the full max range, but less than half is incredibly disappointing. According to the app, I covered about 7 mostly flat miles, staying in comfort mode and keeping the speed down about 8-12mph to try to stretch it out. Fo comparison, my wife was on a different brand scooter with the same advertised 7.5ah battery capacity, and still had ~65% remaining when I was dead on the same route. When it ran out of juice, the app claimed 3.2 miles remaining.
    -while you can ride this without power, you’d rather be on an old school kick scooter. I walked it instead.
    -the headlight, while functional, seems flimsy.

    I may do one more range test, but it’s likely going back. If it could have hit 10 miles, I would have been happy anough to keep it.

    To add insult to injury, the sale price went down from $370 to $333 between purchase and delivery.

  5. Jose del rosario (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars Great performance and quality for the price.
    Great performance/quality for the price
    -Sturdy construction, without being too heavy
    -Simple/ergonomic design. Long range as described.
    Long battery life
    Good brakes
    Fast seller response times and a really reliable customer service. Like Amazon.

    I really enjoye and like my iscooter .

    When I first thought of buying a electric scooter for I was afraid because there were some many options 🤔 and I didn’t know which one would be a right fit for me. I am really

    I love this Scooter, I bought it this year couldn’t be happier with the scooter, it’s comfortable to ride , it is , so easy too install right out of the box, also the shipping came quickly. What I love the most about this scooter is how fast it reaches up too 31 with the right sitting.

    It easily goes up on the majority of the hills I have tried. The main reason I need the scooter was to get to work and college. just recently it had a small problem with the scooter it stop working after a month or 2 months. I didn’t know what to do because I thought the wantiran was long gone. But I saw on the scooter information on Amazon to call for any inconvenience. So try my luck and called Amazon to inform about my problem. They were more than happy to provide support. They told the my warranty with Amazon has already expired ,but the iscooter has a warranty for a year with the seller iscooter US. With the help of the Amazon customer service provider. I at first I was a little worried because it was my first time doing something like this ,so I didn’t know how well with it go. But I really happy I reached out to them.
    One of the iscooter Support Team Camile send me a really well written message saying they could help which make feel comfortable.

    I sent them a email saying the My scooter is not working I ready contacts amazon help support and ready done basic troubleshooting steps. However the issue still persist and the return widow on amazon has expired.

    They sent another message saying
    Dear Jose, Thank you for shopping with iScooter and contacting us. We are so sorry about the issue. Don’t worry, we will try our best to ensure your satisfaction with our services. For a better understanding, could you please send a short video or photo to us to show the problem? please see the below-attached email picture for your reference. So that we can help you with a proper resolution. Sorry for the inconvenience, we just want to know if the problem can be easily fixed by replacing some parts.

    I sent it To them. After some testing we managed to figure out the problem. It was a code call E15 . I thought it was ploblem with the gas pedal,but it wasn’t. They told me E15, is a problem with the brake handle. They told me rest assured. we first solve the E15 brake for you to send a replacement to solve the problem, if there are still problems, we will deal with it for you.

    Camile from iscooter was really helpful about everything. Iscooter has one of the very best customer service I have the opportunity to see, so far. I really wish them the best of luck with their business. If any body asks me which is a good electric scooter to buy at a reasonable price. I will always be more than happy to recommend iscooter.
    Thanks you very much for all your help again Camile from iscooter Support Team

  6. Thi (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars New toy to my collection, love it
    I fell in love with the color right out of the box. I’ve had my e-board for several years and they still going great. The older I get, the less balance I fell, and I would trip sometimes. I look into e-scooter because it can go faster than regular scooter but still adding a little bit of speed. If you’re like me, I hate reading the instruction. At first, I couldn’t figure how to start it because unlike my skateboard, this scooter need a little moving before you can actually start the motor. ( I soon figured out in the app that you can change this settings). The speed is very close to my e-board and the price is a lot lower, it also has the headlight feature for going at night and a little bell on the left handle. It’s been doing great without giving me any problems. Will see how long the battery and wheels last.

  7. Tony Pellitteri (verified owner)

    3.0 out of 5 stars “Up to” means you won’t hit those numbers.
    In general, I like the scooter. It is a fairly entertaining ride and a decent price. I’ve had it for less than a week, and I have some feedback.

    The battery is the worst. At 50%, there is a SIGNIFICANT decrease in power and speed.

    The advertising is a close second. It will not go 19. Period. I only weigh 175, and it goes 15-16 on a flat surface. Downhill, it chokes the throttle and decelerates.. I can hit 18 downhill, but I can feel the scooter working against me as I try to accelerate faster. There should be an settings option to turn off the regulator.
    It also will not go as far as it shows. If you are on eco and weigh less than 100 lbs, it may make it 12 miles. But not the advertised 17.

    The headlight is good, but static and attached to the main frame. If I’m turning, I’m turning into the dark. Next design should have the headlight on the handlebar so you can turn and point it. I literally came inches away from running over a skunk last night because of this..

    The bell is so weak there’s no point in having it. And the grips actually dig into your skin if you go for a long ride overly aggressive grips guys, this is a scooter….

    All in all, I really have enjoyed the rides, but small changes would make a world of difference. If I had known what I know now, I probably would have gone another route.

    Suggestions for the company (other than what is above), if I want to go full bore, and let the battery only last for 5 miles, there should be a no holds barred setting. A “let her rip at your own perril” setting that allows you to hit whatever speed your body weight allows, regardless of the battery life.
    I’d like to be able to see how much juice is in the battery while I’m charging. That seems so basic I don’t understand why it needs to be said.
    And finally the rear fender…I don’t know why it’s assembled like that. Even on a flat surface it rattles around and sounds like it’s going to fall apart. I’ve tightened down the bolts a few times and they keep loosening. I’m about to put my own bolts on with locking nuts, because the sound is driving me crazy.

    All in all, fun, not too expensive, and fairly reliable up to about 10 miles. But there are many small tweaks that could make this so much better!

  8. Jasn P (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars Light and fast
    It was a graduation gift for my son. He likes it a lot. Its not too heavy and goes fast.🥰 Him and his brother uses it to go to stores. They were riding it around the park for about an hour and it still had 20% battery left. My only problem was it wouldnt connect to my sons phone through the app even though it shows on the bluetooth list. It connected to my phone though so it maybe just picky with devices it connects to. 😅 Still a very nice purchase.

  9. Heavy Duty (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars Powerful!
    The media could not be loaded.  I am amazed by the performance of this electric scooter. It is the perfect size for adults. Very sturdy and durable. It has a 8.5 inch wheel size and a handlebar that is located at a comfortable level. It can withstand my husband’s weight, just over 220 pounds with no problem, even on hills. This scooter certainly has some get up and go. I am very happy with it’s power, it has a 350 watt motor, it operates very quietly. The electric power will allow you to go a little over 18 miles on one charge. I think this scooter is great for a leisure stroll or if you are commuting a further distance to work even then 15 miles per hour will get you there in a very timely manner. The display provides the speed, speed modes, battery life and headlight. It even has an app I can use on my phone to view these features. The headlight gives me a sense of security as it will reflect light from a far distance. There are so many great features on this e-scooter. The long lasting battery life is certainly a perk. It can be charged quite fast as well, 3-4 hours for a full charge. It also folds in half which makes it great for when going to work. I can tell it right into the office with me and not worry about it being taken.

  10. zoey (verified owner)

    2.0 out of 5 stars Don’t waste your money
    I decided to buy this scooter mainly due to the price point being ok. Got the scooter in the mail and it was well packaged really nothing to write home about. Handle bar was unattached to save save in packaging, requires only 4 bolts to attach the handle bars, they did come with pre-applied thread locker in the blue variety. Got everything put together in about 6 minutes and checked the battery life out of the box and it was about 85%. I charged up to 100% so I could go on a test ride. Battery life is abysmal, on 100% charge your looking at maybe 10 miles going about 12 MPH. If you want to go full beans probably half that. On top of all this you aren’t gonna get 21 MPH they tested this under a zero weight condition. If you lift the front wheel off the ground yeah you can get 21 MPH but you might as well walk if your gonna be doing that your entire trip. I’m also pretty sure they got the range that way as well. The advertised dual suspension is marketing wank, it only has 2 shocks in the rear so not really dual suspension. That is alot like saying my car has 8 way suspension but only has 4 wheels. Within a week of riding the bell has fallen off even though it was useless in my city anyway.

    All in all it rides mostly decent and gets you from A to B but I don’t plan on going A to B then to C because it will die halfway to C

    **UPDATE** after this original review I get a message from Iscooter saying that the battery was broken (it certainly was not) they sent another battery. After a lengthy decision making process and designing sessions I settled on taking the extra battery and wiring them in parallel. I also had to 3D print a case for this battery and figure out where to put it. I settled on making some clamps to bolt the case to the upright. I finally got everything put together.

    I can tell you even with 2 batteries connected together I still barely push 20 miles. It is still dead after about 19.5 miles on full steam. Well after about 40 miles with this setup another problem pops up. The damn ride is so rough my 3d printed clamps broke clean off and my battery and case went dragging on the ground. This was not an under engineered part either, I made 4 clamps to keep the extra battery secure. I even printed these parts out a Carbon Fiber reinforced Polycarbonate material. Low and behold they still broke due to the rough ride.

    I still stick to my original review do not buy this scooter under any circumstance.

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