Segway Ninebot MAX Electric KickScooter- MAX G2/G30P/G30LP Power by 350W-1000W Motor, 25-43 Miles Long Range, 18.6-22 MPH, 10″ Tire, Electric Scooter for Adults

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Segway-Ninebot Adult Kickscooter Comparison

Max. Speed
Approx. 22 mph (35 km/h) Approx. 18.6 mph (30 km/h) Approx. 18.6 mph (30 km/h) Approx. 18.6 mph (30 km/h) Approx. 12.4 mph (20 km/h)
Typical Range
Approx. 43 miles (70 km) Approx. 40.4 miles (65 km) Approx. 25 miles (40 km) Approx. 40.4 miles (65 km) Approx. 13.7 miles (22 km)
Battery Capacity
551 Wh 551 Wh 367 Wh 561 Wh 184 Wh
Net Weight
Approx. 53.5 lbs (24.25 kg) Approx. 42.1 lbs (19.1 kg) Approx. 38.6 lbs (17.5 kg) Approx. 48.5 lbs (22.0 kg) Approx. 29.8 lbs (13.5kg)
265 lbs (120 kg) 220 lbs 220 lbs 265 lbs (120 kg) 220 lbs
Max. Slope
Approx. 22% Approx. 20% Approx. 20% Approx. 20% Approx. 15%
Recommended Age & Height
16+ years old 3’11″–6’6″ 14+ years & 3’11”–6’ 6” 14+ years & 3’11”–6’ 6” 14+ years & 4’3″ –6’6″ 14-60 years & 3’11” –6’6″
One-step Folding System
Compatible with Seat
Max. Power
1000 W 700 W 700 W 700 W 300 W
Cruise Control

Max. Speed: tested while riding with a full battery, 75 kg (165 lbs) load on pavement.

Some of the factors that may affect the maximum speed include the rider’s weight, remaining battery power, wind resistance, etc.

Theoretical Range: Tested while riding with a full battery, 165 lbs (75 kg) load, 77°F (25°C), at the speed of 9.9 mph (16 km/h) on average on pavement.

Range at Max. Speed: Tested while riding with a full battery, 165 lbs (75 kg) load, 77°F (25°C), at the max. speed on average on pavement.

Important information

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Technical Details

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MAX G2, Max Original (G30P), New Max (G30LP)


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10 reviews for Segway Ninebot MAX Electric KickScooter- MAX G2/G30P/G30LP Power by 350W-1000W Motor, 25-43 Miles Long Range, 18.6-22 MPH, 10″ Tire, Electric Scooter for Adults

  1. AR (verified owner)

    4.0 out of 5 stars 3 or 4 Stars
    I have been debating giving this a 3 or 4 star rating for a while now, but I’m feeling generous tonight so 4 stars it is. First the big question, would I buy it again…Yes, so what is up with the 3 or 4 star rating. It is all about the details.

    Background: I purchased this to ride to work. I take a 10 mile paved river path to work and it has been enjoyable staying out of traffic and zipping along. Despite my picture, I wouldn’t recommend riding this on dirt. While it can do a little dirt, it is mainly for paved paths/roads. I have ridden it about 150 miles as of this review.

    Pros: There aren’t many scooters that claim to have a range of 40 miles. The ride is pretty smooth, especially for not having shocks. I like the folding mechanism of the handlebars. It feels solid and has a safety pin that prevents the handle bars from folding up while you ride which is an irrational fear of mine :).

    So what isn’t to like…as mentioned above, it is in the details. If this was a cheap off-brand electric scooter, I wouldn’t hold it to such as high standard but you are buying from a name brand company (Segway) and you are buying a higher priced scooter. I would like to see more attention to details since this should be a higher end scooter. Here are some of my complaints….again nothing huge but I feel like these should worked out on a higher end scooter.

    1- Battery Life: No idea where the 40 miles comes from. I weigh 195 pounds so I am not maxing out the weight limit of the scooter. I also ride on a mostly flat surface….I am not climbing up large hills or anything unusual. When I ride the 10 miles to work, the battery life is at 51%, so I would estimate a realistic range of 20 miles. This range works for me but I am disappointed that the company is exaggerating the range this much.

    2- Accelerator: The thumb controlled accelerator feels very cheap. Most of the scooter has a high quality build feel except the part that controls the acceleration and speed. This is made of cheap plastic and just isn’t very smooth. I would like to see a lot more time and effort put into the part that you are frankly going to be using the most.

    3- “Cruise Control”- If you are going long distances, you will want to enable cruise control so you aren’t constantly pressing down on the accelerator with your thumb for 50 minutes like me going to work. Unfortunately, the only way to enable cruise control is with the phone app. If you enable it on the phone, then when you hold down the accelerator for 5 seconds, it will stay at that speed until you press the accelerator again or press the breaks. While this works, it is super basic and since it is on the phone there is no way to enable or disable it when riding. Say you are scooting a long on cruise control and coming up to a crowded area, you press the brake to slow down which ends cruise control. You then press the accelerator 30% while you start navigating around people, well if you keep it pressed as 30%, the scooter beeps and engages cruise control. It is like you have to constantly fight to keep it out of cruise control. There needs to be a way to enable/disable cruise control from the scooter itself.

    4- One Button to Rule Them All: The ninebot is trying to one button for all the functions which just doesn’t work that well. Hold it for 1 second to turn the light on, hold it for 2 seconds to switch from eco mode/drive mode/sport mode, hold it for 3 seconds and it turns off. The scooter needs more dedicated buttons for these features…including a button for cruise control. Imagine trying to control your car with 1 button. It is strange to be attempting to turn on the lights and have the whole scooter turn off.

    5- Display: The display shows your speed and battery life. No other options…no distance gone, no estimated miles left in the charge, no clock, no elapsed time. These are all things included in your most basic biking computers. Since this is being sold as a commuter scooter, it should really have a time display in the corner of the screen. I have been serious thinking about getting a small wrist watch and attaching it to the hand bars. You can of course get a cell phone holder and attach it to the handlebars but this adds a lot of junk to the handlebars.

    6- Modes: Eco mode maxes out at 9 miles per hour, good to learn but way too slow to be really used. Drive mode maxes out at 15 miles per hour which is pretty good. Sport mode maxes out at 18-19 miles per hour. My issue is that there needs to be a way to independently control max speed and acceleration. I like cruising at the 18 miles per hour since the path I take is not very populated, but the sport mode also ramps up the acceleration. It can feel like you are riding a horse as you slow down then press the accelerator. It just isn’t a nice smooth acceleration, it accelerates too fast. Just wait until you start going over speed bumps…slows nicely then jerks you are you accelerator back up to cruising speed. Would be nice to have the top speed without really fast acceleration.

    Again, if this was an off-brand cheap scooter, I would give it 5 stars but given this is a name-brand expensive scooter, it needs to be held to a higher standard. While I would buy it again, I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend without a few of these disclaimers, especially the cheap feel of the accelerator.

  2. ShinyChan (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars You and your significant other needs these. JULY 22ND 2020 UPDATE
    Published Sat, June 19th 2020

    These scooters are AWESOME! My girlfriend and I needed a reliable way to get around a 10 mile radius and these things DELIVER!

    WE weigh120 lbs, and 145 lbs depending on the time of day and we have gone 40 miles so far on them.

    Initially we out them together and CONNECTED the wire that I read to do and everything went smooth. When she turned hers on everything was great just a beep to connect the phone. Done.

    Mine was a different story that I didn’t think too much about. When I turned it on I got “Error code 14” and I didn’t know what it was so I just flicked the throttle a little and it went away and I thought “hey, it’s a safety to check the throttle everytime you start, no big deal.” I was WRONG.

    We took them out around 3 p.m. after they fully charged and we started off in EVO for about an hour to get a feel for them. They are GREAT! The little torque in ECO put a smile on my face. If you want the 40 miles? This is THAT mode. But at 10mph max speed in this mode it’ll take a lomg time to get where you going. The otherside is you will be SAFE. It is a GREAT speed to cruise at!

    Then we found our way to a long stretch of decently FLAT ground and decided to turn up the heat to “D” which adds MUCH MORE torque and maxes out the top speed at 16. This REALLY put a smile on my face. We buzzed for about two miles then took a break to check the scooters for looses screws, any problems, fragments in tires, just trying to take care of them. Then my error code 14 came back again when we stopped.
    I then then thought “man, they want you to flick the throttle every time you stop? That’s kinda over kill”. So then I ask my girlfriend if she has that problem and she said she didn’t so I thought it was strange…

    We then continue our journey, once again not thinking about it and go about our day. We rode up and down neighborhoods, buzzed up and down streets, and just had a GREAT time. And after about 16 miles we went back home. And not another problem.

    The NEXT day, we go out and we fire up sport mode feeling a little peppy, and this is where Inalmost lost a tooth grinning…the torque…alone…will make you smile…this thing is fantastic. I top out at a steady 19 mph, and run on flat ground at 20. This is better than advertised but also scary. Bumps really make you question if it’s worth getting there quick. But a flat straight line I say GO FOR

    This…is where the problems really started. We were about 6 miles away from hoke when the error 14 came back. And everytime I would left off the accelerator, the 14 would happen and I would have to flick the throttle. The motor then started to cut out on me when I would hit the break and 14 would pop up CONSTANTLY letting me know that it really WAS AN ISSUE. We knew we needed to get home so we immediately venture that way and boy it was a struggle. I went from LOVING the thing to womdering if I was going to make it or have to kick it home, which is NOT THE EASIEST as the motor worls against itself slowing down.

    After about 31,942 error code 14’s home, we made it. Hers didn’t act up once.

    We allowed them to cool for a half an hour and charged them back up and tested them and the code was still there, but the MOTOR wasn’t cutting out, so it must have been a heat problem? Which is weird because we weren’t doing anything the scooter wasn’t DESIGNED to do. So THAT makes me nervous.

    But I comtacted amazon and we recieved a NEW scooter, and I just put it together and we do NOT have the Error code 14 out of the box, and everything is fine. So far. I will update this in time and date it so you you will know.

    Should this deter you from buying one? No. Absolutely get one, if it’s mechanical it is going to fail. I just think there might be a design flaw because I am not the only one with the problem…lol

    But my buddy came over last night who weighs 220 pounds and he kept up a 19mph speed average on flat ground. So if you’re in that weight range or less, go for it. You will love it. Seriously.

    I’d say Eco with no hills? 40 miles easy. No questions asked.
    Mode D- 30-35 miles with slight hills
    Mode S- 25 to 30 miles with some hills.
    But a guranTEED 30 without hills in anymode. But we weigh less so just do math. Haha

    I was gonna take a star away, but amazon helped me get a new scooter QUICK, and the old scooter was DRIVEABLE just a pain at times. So we’ll see what happens!

    July 22nd, 2019

    So we have had these scooters for a month now, and with it raining and with life changing, we have only put on 400 miles on these guys.
    The next problem we had was my girlfriends scooter kept beeping when we would take it out on a fresh charge. Thought something was wrong but we discovered it was TRYING TO CHARGE THE BATTERY so it was BEEPING to let us know it was full. We noticed it left after about 5 minutes of riding so problem SOLVED!

    We got steanded in the rain TWICE. No problems. Very heavy rain. We found shelter but there was a 5 minute drive in it before the stop. They’re great in the rain!

    My scooter in the past few days has had this grinding sound in the front tire that comes and goes haven’t quite figured it out….

    We noticed that drivers are REALLY ignorant when it comes to sidewalks, crossings and right of way. We have had three VERY close calls so just be careful!

    Because ai weight 20-30 pounds more than here I usually come back from a trip with 10-15% less power than her. Absolutely acceptable considering I drive always in S mode, and basically gun it here and there for fun.

    We rode 33 miles today and had 40 percent battery left. Idk HOW. But we checked the mileage on both of our phones, then used google maps to map out WHERE we went, and we shortcutted the MAP because it took a straight shot to the destinations and we cruise IN and OUT of neighborhoods to just look at house and find trash treasures and we calculated 35 MILES WITH GOOGLE MAPS. WITH 40…PERCENT…BATTERY LEFT. IDK. HOW.

    Just get them… they’re so much fun. We crossed a bridge that was REALLY steep and it got me over it at 15mph…

    I’ll update here soon!

  3. strongarm18 (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect for commuting – LONG battery & Simple controls
    Got this to leave the truck at home for a short commute.

    Out of the box the scooter is mostly assembled, move stem upright and close outer clamp and push in securing clamp and then simply connect one cord and place the handle unit into the front stem and screw in six small M5 screws (driver included) and it’s ready!

    Initial thoughts, well-built and sturdy. It weighs 42 lbs. and simply collapses into an easy carry system but not for going up many flights of stairs. You MUST use the app to connect (simple to download in store) or you’ll be limited to 6 MPH.

    Switches are easy and there’s one button (hold to turn on, double click to move between eco, normal and sport and single press to turn on light. The back light can either go on while braking or you can turn it on Permanently in the app.

    Screen is simple and very bright even in the Florida sun showing battery life, speed and mode.

    The scooter is tubeless and will fill punctures with an innovative slime inside but does require some air here and there. It came at 40 PSI and the tire reads 55. Connect the adapter hose (included) to your pump and then secure to the Schrader valve until you don’t hear the air leak. Two full pumps and it was at 55 PSI.

    The battery is underneath which helps the balance and the “shock absorbing” is built into the tubeless tire as there’s no external dampening but that’s fine for normal road and concrete use.

    A great benefit is the AC adapter is built into the scooter so to charge, all you need is a light and portable cable in the picture.

    Cruise control is nice (turn on in the app) and once you hold the throttle constant for 5 seconds it’ll beep and hold speed until you brake or touch throttle again.

    It has a pedestrian mode which limits speed to 6 MPH which can be nice if a lot of people are around so you don’t accidentally accelerate.

    The brake is on the left handlebar similar to bikes and is a mechanical connection to a drum brake system which is nice as it is enclosed and doesn’t require maintenance or work. Can also stomp on back fender as a last resort.

    Another nice feature is the very wide deck which comfortable fits my larger feed and stature unlike other scooter snared wide as a shoe.

    There is a bell built into the leer handle bar (roared forward or backwards to “ding”) which is good enough for me but if you want that loud “DING” but a $10 one in amazon for bike handlebar mount.

    Iffy on buying the Ninebot phone mount as it intrudes in the display (To be fair, most mouths will be a tough fit due to limited space) and doesn’t fit phones in cases like otter box commuter or defenders. The phone in the photo is my work iPhone 7 which isn’t very secure and It did not fit my iPhone 11 Pro.

    The scooter is rated against water as “splashes in all direction” with no dust rating. I would avoid water where possible and dunking it in deep puddles or similar but rain and light water on ground should affect it.

    Will update review as use continues.

    Overall, at $800 this is the best bang for your buck with features and reliability. Shorter commute and don’t need or want to use your phone? Then a mode at about half the price will do.

    **24-mile update 05 26 20** So far so good. The scooter rides well and has 6.1 miles of the claimed “40” mile range which puts it at 30-mile total. However, I’ve ridden in “S” Sport mode the entire time with stopping/going, small hills and wind I think 30 miles is fair. There is LIMITED space to put anything on the handlebar, especially a phone unless it is NOT in a case and is an iPhone 7…it’ll be a tight fit. Suggest buying an accessory bar or a mount which product your phone outwards. I’ve purchased the (Onvian Upgraded Wireless Anti-Theft Motorcycle Bike Alarm with Remote, Waterproof Bicycle Security Alarm Vibration Sensor, 113dB Loud) which is available on Amazon and is cheap and WATERPROOF as an added security measure as it can be difficult to use a lock through the front wheel. For the mount, I use) Bike Phone Mount – RYYMX Bicycle Phone Holder: 360° Rotation Adjustable Motorcycle Phone Mount for iPhone Xs Max XR X 8 7 6 Plus, Samsung S10+ S9 S8, Note 10 9 8, GPS, 4-7 inches Android Cell Phones) also available on Amazon. The only oddities thus far are I couldn’t manually turn off the scooter after a ten-mile ride on a hot Florida day (no biggie). Other is that the stem isn’t staying true to the handlebars and the bolts are as comfortable tight as I can get them without fear of twisting off the heads. This is NOT a part you assemble out of the box so they should be factor tight however after a few curbs while crossing streets the handlebars became off angle be about 5 degrees which is annoying. Easily fixed my holding the tire with your shoes and twisting back…but that shouldn’t be happening when the bolts are VERY tight. Reached out to HQ for this one.

    **Update from HQ regarding is Amazon an authorized seller? YES. And rain resistance…below “Answering your question the scooter has an IPX5 rating which means it can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray. but it won’t be recommended for a downpour. Splash in all directions means it can be washable but heavy rain and heavy water Jet spray won’t be recommended.
    And yes, If the device is purchased from an authorized dealer, it will be repaired under warranty.”

  4. Andrew (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars The Honda Civic of Escooters!
    2 YEAR UPDATE: 1,000 miles later, and it’s still doing quite well! The only issue I’ve had so far is that one of the bearings is starting to go bad. Otherwise, no problems whatsoever. Keep the tires aired up, don’t run the battery down to 0 and it’ll just keep going.

    I purchased this scooter as an upgrade from a basic one I bought earlier in the year that was already starting to fall apart. I wanted something fairly affordable that would last a long time. The Max was highly praised by many and seemed to check all of the right boxes, so I picked one up on sale for $600. As of now, I’m very pleased with this scooter.

    For some context, I am around 6 feet tall and roughly 220 pounds. I purchased the G30LP variant of the Ninebot Max, which is identical to the original G30 apart from the color, smaller battery, and slightly smaller chassis.

    INITIAL SETUP: Getting the scooter set up was relatively easy. Take it out of the box, unfold it, and screw in the top segment. Once that’s done, you have to sign up for an account to pair and activate the scooter. While somewhat annoying, it didn’t take too long to do. I was up and running in under 10 minutes.

    SPEED: The top speed of 18-19 MPH is about average for scooters in this price range. For casual riders like myself, it’s more than enough to get you around. There are also other modes that limit the speed, should you want to do so.

    ACCELERATION: The 350W motor should perform similarly on paper to my old scooter, but I noticed it felt much more responsive overall. It also performed better on hills- the hilliest parts of my neighborhood only brought it down to around 8 MPH, and it was usually moving quicker than that.

    BRAKING: The motor and drum brake both bring the Max to a stop very quickly. Both are operated using a single lever on the left side of the scooter. The braking is very balanced, and doesn’t seem to put you at any risk of tipping forwards when braking hard. Passive regenerative braking can be adjusted in the app for when you let off the throttle.

    RANGE: After taking an 8 mile trip across a trail, I still had around 3 bars (~50%) remaining when before I’d be nearly out. In addition, the scooter didn’t appear to lose power as battery capacity dropped. I haven’t tested the full range, but I’d estimate around 12-16 miles for a heavier rider such as myself. You’ll likely fare better if you weigh less. It’s also worth mentioning that you can install the full G30 battery in this scooter to improve the capacity- they are the same physical size.

    COMFORT: While there’s no dedicated suspension, the ride quality is a HUGE improvement over my previous scooter. The air-filled tires do a great job at cushioning the ride compared to solid ones, and I’d say that they are almost certainly worth the added maintenance. Cracks in roads or dips in sidewalks that would jolt me previously were barely noticeable on this scooter. It’s certainly not an off-roader, but you won’t have any issues riding around on most roads.

    BUILD: Part of why I bought this scooter was for the durable chassis, and so far it’s lived up to the hype. It feels rock solid whenever I’m riding or carrying it. The folding mechanism feels sturdy in either position, and the scooter overall feels like it’ll last a very long time.

    PORTABILITY: At nearly 40 pounds, it’s certainly not the most portable scooter. The folding mechanism is sturdy, but doesn’t fold flat by design. It’s easy enough to move around, but if you’re going to be carrying your scooter a lot you may want to look into something lighter.

    FEATURES: The Max doesn’t have anything unique, but it’s got all the essentials. A headlight and brake light, and a bell. In the app, you can enable cruise control, adjust the regenerative braking when letting off the throttle, and monitor a few other features like total distance travelled.

    LOOKS: It’s certainly not the most stunning looking ride out there, but still looks refined and clean for an e-scooter. It doesn’t look cheap or like it’s copying a popular model like many cheaper ones do. The white paint job also looks far better than the typical black/gray of most other scooters, including the full Max. I’m a fan.

    OTHER: A major plus people might not often consider is the wide aftermarket support for this scooter. Short of the M365, the Max appears to be one of the most modifiable scooters on the market. Replacement parts and aftermarket upgrades are widely available- everything from motors to batteries to custom built suspension modules. You can build out this scooter and turn it into an absolute monster if you really wanted to. Even if you don’t plan on doing that, it makes it very easy to find replacement parts if something breaks.

    OVERALL: I’m very pleased with this scooter. It’s got everything I wanted and should last a long time with proper maintenance. I’ve seen stories from people who’ve gone thousands of miles on theirs, and look forward to seeing if mine does the same. If you’re looking for something well-built and reliable, it’s a great option. It doesn’t offer anything its competitors don’t, but it nails every aspect of a mid-range scooter.

  5. Skye (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars Easy to set up, smooth riding, solid machine
    Out of the box it was just a matter of fitting the handlebar to the stem with 6 screws. All tools provided. The app is used to set cruise control, rear light, and record the ride distance. I do wish it showed miles traveled on the stem display, but I can manage without that. Acceleration and braking are smooth. Deck for standing is wide enough to do side by side feet if you preferred. I had an ES2 before and this one way outshines that one. Rides smooth as silk and rock solid. I may get the seat for longer rides. I got this in place of an electric bike so that I can meander along wooded paths without frantic pedaling and travel long distances on local railtrails. It’s a little heavy but once folded it can be wheeled on it’s front tire down modest steps in and out of an apartment. I had no trouble with the folding mechanism and it clamps shut solidly to lift and for riding. I wanted the Max when it first came out and I am so happy with my purchase. I think it is the best!

  6. Eric N. Udell (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars Big, heavy, expensive but worth it.
    I bought this scooter to keep on our boat for running errands, small grocery runs and the like, since I don’t have room for a bike.
    I’m a big guy ( close to 300 lbs ) and was concerned about a smaller, lighter scooter not being able to handle the abuse of me riding it, particularly if I had cargo in a backpack. This scooter is rated for 220 lbs, but seems totally able to handle far more. Unlike a lot of scooters, this one folds at the base of the steering, rather than a latch in the middle of the frame. The frame is one welded piece of aluminum and the wheels are 10″ air filled. There’s no suspension, which means it doesn’t bottom out, but also means the only shock absorption is the tires.
    This scooter is big ( doesn’t fit in the back of cars well ) because of the large deck and large diameter tires, but if you’ve got a good spot to park it, that’s not an issue.
    A lot of electric scooters are children’s toys, this is not one of them. It’s a serious piece of last mile transportation, well built and capable.

    It’s heavy ( a bit over 40 lbs ) because it’s solidly built, has a massive battery pack for a scooter and the charger is built in. If you don’t have to carry it far, that’s not much of an issue either. You don’t really feel the weight when moving and all that energy gives great range. The built in charger means there’s no power brick to lose and all you need to carry with you is a cord if you want to charge it when not at home. The cord is a fairly standard appliance cord, so getting a replacement or a second one would be easy and inexpensive.

    There’s an LED tail light ( it flashes when you hit the brakes ) and a nice, bright LED headlight with fairly good coverage, though I wish it was aimed just a bit higher for a longer throw. It’s easy to overdrive it if you’re moving fast. The brakes are a combination of a lever activated drum brake on the front wheel and regenerative braking on the rear wheel. I’ve got my lever adjusted to where I can run pull it only a little to trigger only the rear brake ( nice for long downhill ) or pull it more to grab the front if I really want to stop.

    The LED dash shows battery status in 10% increments ( 5 LED’s, and the largest value one flashes to show it’s half used ) plus bluetooth status, power mode ( eco, standard and sport ) MPH and if the headlight is on.
    There’s also a phone app that allows you to update the scooter, make a few setting changes ( a sort of “cruise control” and regen level ) and lock/unlock the rear wheel for a little security when unattended. The Android app at least is a little unpolished with some translation issues. I sometimes see notifications in what I assume is Chinese and have no idea what it’s trying to tell me and have seen Chinese instead of English in a few other spots as well.

    Range is great. As noted, I’m a big guy and I often carry a backpack with groceries and the scooter has far more range than I’ve ever needed. Product specs are about 40 miles ( with a light rider and a slow speed ) and I mostly ride on sport mode and full throttle a lot to accelerate. Still, I’ll go 12 miles and it will tell me the battery is a 50%. It’s got all the range that anyone commuting on a kick scooter could need and then some.

    Power is good. Steep hills slow it down some, but so far it’s climbed everything I’ve used it on. Obviously, a lighter person would climb better.
    Speed is adequate. There are two versions of the max, the G30 ( 18.9 MPH ) and the G30P ( 15.5 MPH ). I somehow ended up with the P version, but frankly, 15.5 MPH is fast enough for me. 10″ still isn’t a terribly large tire and you’ve really got to watch for road hazards.

    So, in summary, most of it’s downsides are consequences of it’s upsides. Yes, it’s big, heavy and expensive. But that size and weight give it good power, good speed, good range, big tires and a great build quality.

    Despite buying it from Segway through Amazon, the purchasing experience was less than perfect. My scooter was the slower model, despite the fact that it was advertised as the faster one. It arrived damaged ( some dings and scratches ) and appeared that it might have been opened before, since it was missing the screws to fasten the handlebars on and the allen wrench to do this. I complained to Segway and got a small discount, but they never sent the screws and tools as they had promised and I had to source my own screws to use the scooter.

    Still, overall, I’m pretty happy with the scooter. It’s solid, powerful and fun to ride.

  7. Kolya (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars Fast and Cool
    Works good and better than my other Ninebot scooter the one with the extra battery hanging from the pipe thingy. Speed comes on good. I had to edit this: my car is not working very well and this scooter is my vehicle now unless I use the Uber. I’m happy I reside in a smallish village because today I required to go to 2 different shops riding this scooter about 5 miles all together. The tires and hand-grip things make this scooter very nice to ride when it’s bumpy road. I use a backpack to carry the shop items and I can get going faster than car travel because I can go on the sidewalks and don’t have to wait for red traffic lights if the intersections are clear. When petrol is too expensive or not available, people will be riding these scooters because it’s easier to move around than a cycle. I take it with me in the shops and no one ever complains I have it with me.

  8. JoeyLeePM (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars The Best…With Just a Few Notes…
    Okay. So, these are the best scooters and they’re priced accordingly. Here’s my notes you should be aware of…

    * Folding is easy, but clipping it onto the rear fender is a joke. It doesn’t stay put and it’s kind of like an after thought. Be careful and make sure it’s secure before lifting — or else your chin is about to get a painful ouchie.

    * You MUST download their app to unlock and initialize the scooter for the first time. For that, I recommend using a throw-away email address from Apple or Google. Use it once, then delete the address. You WILL need an email address to verify an access code. This is all so that they can spam the !@#$ out of you, I’m sure. Once initialized, you can still connect to the scooter with the app and change settings.

    * DO NOT turn on cruise control. It’s not worth it and it’s gimmicky. It’s an option only in the app. It’s dangerous. You get used to letting off the throttle and slowing down as natural, but you forget that’s on. So many times the scooter just kept going and I nearly hit someone (and/or killed myself).

    * The break is front-wheel ONLY. If you’re about to hit a bump or pothole, don’t put on the break. You’ll end up endowing over the handlebars, if the scenario is right. Instead, try to ride over the bump or avoid it.

    * DO NOT try to answer your text message with one hand. I learned that one the hard way. With one hand on the handlebars, I lost control and the rest was history. Strangely, it’s super easy to lose control with only one hand. You’ll see!

    Good luck! Stay safe. And, for Peete’s sake, have fun!!

  9. Boneh Avidor (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars Just right. Very happy with purchase so far. Owned for 6 weeks.
    I have never tried a scooter before. This scooter was easy to get used to. I have used it about 12 times now. Everything works just as it should. Seems simply and solidly built. Definitely for smooth pavement – not for dirt trails. App that works with it is a lot of fun. It has cruise control, so I can set a low speed for downhill, as it keeps the correct speed by accelerating and braking on its’ own. Took me a minute to find, but if you hold the throttle at a given speed for 5 seconds, you hear a beep and you are in cruise control. I like ‘D’ (Drive) mode for some roads – it goes 12 mph. For fun and when I feel like paying more attention to my ride, I use ‘S’ (Sport) mode, up to 19 mph. ‘S’ mode is especially useful for hills. ‘D’ gets me up the hill to my house, which is a 20 degree incline, as advertised. There is a steeper hill near me, probably 30-35 degrees, and ‘S’ mode does it fine, slowing a bit toward the top. On my 20 degree hill, ‘S’ mode maintains speed no problem. You need to enable cruise control in the app. I live a mile from the beach and a mile and a half from my pizza place. So when I get a break from working at home, I take a ride. I love this thing. Its a kick.

  10. Bonnie L Fellows (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars Great (not so) little scooter.
    We got 2 of these scooters. Both arrived at the same time in what looked like original packaging 2 days after ordering on Amazon. Both boxes were in good shape, both units looked brand new. The small amount of assembly required was very easy. Be careful removing the scooter from the box. The handle bar post is folded down in the box and the handle bar itself has not yet been attached, but the wires are. Better to have a 2nd person who can help so you don’t let the handlebars hang/yank/dangle on the wires when removing the scooter from the box.

    The rear tires on both of our units were completely deflated upon delivery. One front tire had 20 PSI, the other was a perfect 37 PSI. Both units were exactly 50% charged. Charging both to 100% took around 2 hours, faster than expected.

    App set up was pretty easy. Having a CR/barcode scanner installed helps. Yes a modern bluetooth capable smartphone is required to activate the scooter. It did take several tries to get one of the units to go into bluetooth pairing mode. It took a minute to figure out how to change driving modes (hit the power button quickly twice). The app takes some getting used to because there are no instructions but it’s not that difficult and works well enough. It seemed to record our trip fairly accurately.

    As others have said the scooter feels solid and well built. Driving is fun in any mode, a blast in sport mode. Normal driving mode works well, it’s good for sightseeing when not in a hurry, and/or when conserving battery is needed. Eco mode is situational, mostly useful for driving on sidewalks with pedestrians. Close to zero hill climbing ability in eco mode. Our maiden voyage was about 10 miles round trip. We used normal D mode on the way out for about 70% of the way. We switched between all modes while in a downtown area, and used sport mode and ran both scooters wide open for the entire ride home. Both 190lb drivers used about 40% charge in 10 miles over mostly flat terrain. Both units performed identically and used almost the same amount of charge.

    It was near dark when we arrived at home so we got some use of the lights. The rear light offers decent visibility but is fairly small and low to the ground. We added extra flashing lights to our upper back torsos for better road visibility. The headlight works well in an already somewhat lit up city environment. Might need something stronger for rural non-lit areas.

    The regen brakes and cruise control are both awesome. The regen brakes were on and set to “strong” by default, which seems just right to me. The cruise control has to be turned on in the app, and it is very useful to take some stress off of the throttle thumb.

    I read a lot of reviews before purchasing this model and noticed some changes/differences. The instructions still mention plugging in the wires for the display before attaching the handle bars but the plug in the handlebar post was already plugged in for both of our units. The handle bar post also appears to fold down and latch to a different location on the rear bumper compared to previous models, right on top instead of off to one side, which seems to be an improvement. The retainer clip for the handlebar post locking mechanism looks different/better than the one I have seen in some pictures/videos of this model.

    In summary these scooters are fast with excellent range and are well built. Very satisfied so far. But of course nothing is perfect. One thing I would change/add is adjustable height handlebars. The stock bars are a bit tall for shorter riders, especially if the seat is added. I am also not sure why it is easier/more cost effective to send a valve extender out with every model than it would be to just make slightly longer valve stems? The extender is just another thing to lose and it is not possible to inflate the rear tire without it.

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