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*Meta Quest is for ages 13+

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11 reviews for Meta Quest 2 — Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset — 128 GB

  1. Eugene W. Maloney (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars A startling, occasionally disquieting virtual reality experience for all
    First, a little background. I’m 73 years old. Above average in the activity department, adept mentally, although I am literally the only person I know who can lose something when standing perfectly still. I have four grandchildren. I hold down a full-time job as a writer, and a once-a-year gig teaching Rio Grande Board Games at the annual World Boardgaming Championships (WBC).
    It was at the most recent WBC that I was introduced to MetaQuest 2 and in particular, its bundled game called Beat Saber. I’d tried much cheaper VR systems, the ones that hold your phone and you have to download apps to run on them. This was an entirely different ball game. This was, I should note, not a function of the WBC. It just so happened that one of the site administrators had brought the system along with him and one evening, invited me to give it a try.
    The first issue that one should note is that once you put the headset for this system on, you are pretty much detached from the reality around you. This is fine as long as it’s just you and the machine, but you can forget about being outside the machine and trying to instruct someone inside the machine about what’s going on. As it happened, the man who introduced me to the system basically set it up for me – put it on his own head, clicked the right buttons – and then transferred the headset to me. With a couple of hand prompts and a word or two, Beat Saber, the program that comes with the MetaQuest 2 when you buy it these days, came on line and there I stood, with two controllers, one in each hand, as my eyes beheld on the screen in front of me, a series of square blocks coming at me, each with an arrow, pointing either up, down, right or left. The controllers operate two light sabers, one in each hand, and the object of this game is to swat the approaching blocks in the direction indicated by the arrow on them. There are also occasional large obstacles coming at you, like skinny walls, which appear like three-dimensional line drawings as they approach. You can’t swat these aside and the idea is to avoid them. In most cases, this entails just stepping out of their way, either to the right or the left, but dependent on some choices you make in Beat Saber, some of these objects can be wide and impossible to avoid unless you duck as they approach. No way to jump over them.
    And there’s music. At first, you don’t pick up on the idea that your swatting activity with the light sabers can occasionally be rhythmic, linked to the beat of the music. . .Beat Saber. Get it? But you’ll pick up on that fairly quickly. If you don’t dance and would like to, this is a good program that will force-feed you the concept of moving your body in beat with the rhythm of a song. You don’t realize you’re dancing because as far as you’re concerned, you’re swatting colored boxes with virtual reality light sabers. A note of caution. People familiar with the system and how it works will delight in recording video of your attempts to play the game; unbeknowst to you, ’cause you’re wrapped up in the headset and can’t see anything but what the machine is giving you to see. These people recording you will be LOL-ing themselves breathless, as you contort yourself in a relatively confined space, trying to dodge things and swat at the colored boxes.
    I made the mistake of failing to heed the warning that if I didn’t buy one of these systems soon, its price was going to go up. A lot. And it did. But I bought it anyway and am just beginning to tap into the available free apps and exploring the possibility of buying other ones.
    There’s a free Epic Roller Coaster app, which is fairly enjoyable, although oddly enough, both myself and my wife (now at home with our own MetaQuest 2) found ourselves getting a little queasy during the experience. Not sure what that’s about. She NEVER goes on real roller coasters and I do it all the time.
    Also found a walking-on-a-building-skeleton app that had me God knows how many stories high and though not generally afraid of heights (acrophobia), I wasn’t all that keen on walking on the available, skinny steel walkways to approach the edge. I’m in my living room, my mind knowing damn full well that I’m not only not as high as the program makes me think I am, but am, in fact, on solid ground. Yet, in an attempt to approach the edge and have a look OVER the edge, I am literally creeping forward, edging my foot out in front of me, making sure of my balance with each step. My mind absolutely refuses to grasp the concept that I am not in any danger.
    It should be noted that when you play in virtual reality, the mechanism has you define a space where you are going to be, literally drawing a perimeter line. It’s not because the machine is worried you might step off the big building you only think you’re on, but when you’re playing a game like Beat Saber, you want to make sure that your arm movements don’t knock over a lamp your Aunt Ethel gave you for Christmas last year, or in moving your legs around, you don’t accidentally kick the screen out of your new Smart TV.
    I haven’t been too excited by any of the first-person shooter kind of apps that are available. That kind of activity never lured me to the various systems that were already on the market. But I did notice and have been on the verge of pulling the trigger on some of the other activities, like table tennis, actual tennis and some other sports activities, like baseball. Am also interested in what is, at present, a small selection of board games, like Tsuro and chess (in a variety of different environments). They offer Catan (originally, Settlers of Catan) and though my interest in board games is strong, I never really liked Catan in real-time, so I’m not going to pick it up in VR.
    I recommend this system highly. The experience of good VR (and you can buy systems better than the basic one that I purchased) is mind-altering. It’s something to which your mind has never been previously exposed; an alternate reality with its own set of rules that takes some getting used to. It’s more expensive than pot, but unlike pot, it doesn’t just let your head create new connections and free it from everyday anxieties, it creates a reality within your brain that is intriguing to watch, hear and interact with.
    And as my age indicates, fun for all ages.
    Oh, and one other cautionary note for those of a certain advanced age. The first time I tried the system, at the WBC, my score at Beat Saber was abysmally low. So I tried again. And again. It wasn’t my hand movements with the controllers or the side-stepping away from approaching objects that got to me. It was the ducking at things that I had to let go over my head. I made the crouching moves necessary with reckless abandon. Once, again, and again. My upper thighs complained to me all of the next day. The good news is that it makes for good, healthy exercise.

  2. Pedro Rodriguez (verified owner)

    3.0 out of 5 stars Amazing But..
    – Fairly Immersive.
    – Amazing experiences.
    – Personal home theater, huge movie screen, made even better with paid Virtual Desktop ($20usd) that gives you actual movie theater vibes and tons of other scenes. Oculus link (Free) does a pretty good job with big screen too.
    – Nice desktop experience in VR through Oculus Link (free)
    – High refresh rates up to 120hz (if you’re wired and can find a game that supports it)
    – Haven’t seen other views to compare, but I’m very satisfied with the resolution. And hear its better than most if not all other VR headsets right now while also keeping in mind its the most compatible with VR games. Im guessing this is the Playstation or XBOX of Virtual Reality. Or they are lining up to be. Either way, its the right choice for gaming and other.
    – Truly the next level in gaming and virtual spaces like home theater.
    – Gonna list Half Life: Alyx as a pro. Was my first VR experience, and although god-tier amazing, I would suggest working up to it as not much has compared since 😛 But I am having fun in other games like Boneworks and TWD Saints and Sinners. I like TWD more so far but I have a few gripes with that game. (Not a reflection of this product)
    – As anyone would tell you, works well with streaming services. You got your Netflix Hulu and Disney plus.
    – You can load movies and videos from your pc stored into Oculus directly for trips without wifi.

    – Good thing I already owned a beasty gaming pc. You’re gonna need one for titles like Half Life: Alyx.
    – Battery life. Could not watch a 2hr30min movie without plugging in. Con still offset by the amazing movie theater-like experience. Was using Virtual Desktop so maybe the wifi usage played a part.
    – Real Con, the strap it comes with is uncomfortable and will give you a headache the first week or so.
    – It is heavy on the front and my forehead and cheeks hurt, requiring me to take a break, wash and massage my face every couple of hours, every day. (I’ve watched videos on how to adjust and not over-tighten but not much can be done about the reality of the situation. It is far from weightless and fairly noticeable.
    -If you need glasses to see things far away, you will need glasses for the VR headset too. Special lens caps cost roughly between $60 and $100USD. But it comes with a spacer. You can likely get away with those retro non-spacer glasses.If they have those little feet that push off the nose you might be in trouble and if they are really big, you might be in trouble so look into the dimensions of the quest 2 view port and your glasses. An annoying extra step but probably worth it.
    -Scuba Diver effect. The view cant be in the pro section. As I said, you’ll feel like a scuba diver. Only during the most immersive of times will you not notice too much. To be fair this is.. most of the time.
    – blurring and lens-rings. If not absolutely perfectly centered, you’ll get some blurring in various parts of your view. At first and for a few days the little magnification rings of the actual glass piece of the lenses will be very noticeable in your peripheral. Again to be fair.. again, while having an amazing time, you will not notice.
    – Also there’s this thing about the lens spacing I hear a lot of people complaining about. I think I’m just at the edge of the farthest setting but could probably do with a tiny bit more. Read other reviews and look into it about I forget what its called, the space between both your pupils.
    – It’ll take a few days or more than a week for your mind to ignore some of these, like the rings, occasional blur, and scuba effect.
    -Serious con, be ready to shell out at least another $100usd or so on extras. $19 link cable $16 extension cable plus breakaway protection, Silicone Grips and hand strap (worth it and kind of necessary for throwing objects in comfort,) $30 Rechargeable batteries or a large supply of AA’s. Be sure either are 1.5v. $10-30. Head Strap pad I bought $15 (not compared to $30-50+ or so elite straps. And if you need the prescription lens caps another $60-100. And your first game ranges from $10-40usd or so, for the good stuff.
    – Very few free games/stuff. And not that many AAA amazing titles. (Not exactly a reflection of this particular product)
    -This thing gets sweaty after a few dozen minutes of intense gameplay so have a dry cloth handy and don’t get pulled into the ‘pass it on or around after playing beat saber to your friends’ fantasy.

    IMO/SideNotes Related to this product directly and VR as a whole:
    – The device should have been a more evenly weight-distributed helmet.
    – I wouldn’t expect to game any more than an hour or two without being plugged in either to a power outlet or pc. Mileage may vary.
    – Buy a 10 – 20 ft data cable with your purchase. The provided cable is like 3ft or something. You’re gonna need it regardless of pc ownership. Search youtube for good 3rd party brands it should cost around $18-28usd or so for a good cable with decent length.
    – Find your play area and hold your arms out, now plan for an additional one or two feet, mainly North, West and East of you. The Quest 2 comes with a ‘Guardian’ thats really good at letting you know when you’re ‘out of bounds’ but you will be bending to search or grab stuff reaching and leaning over, tossing things aside (In VR, While stationary, with one or two steps of leeway) make sure you have the space to be swinging your arms around like that. be honest with yourself about this space. If you don’t have it, you don’t have it. Sorry. I had to rearrange my room a little but luckily I had the space and it was absolutely worth it.
    -VR is very physical. Some games have seated options but require too much leaning and grabbing and searching to do it sitting down. So be ready to stand and crouch and lean. I kept that from both pro’s and cons. IMO, awesome, but be ready for it. Make yourself take breaks every half to sit and stretch if you’re not used to standing all day, but not even taking into account the workout apps, this has gotten me burning more calories and keeping my redstuff circulating more and my metabolism on its toes. Actually crouching behind cover is pretty cool but also tiring lol.
    – IMO, Probably not a con, too many older games being remade or re-released in VR. Don’t get me wrong, Fallout 4 with Whispering Hills mod was and is mindblowing but after putting in so many hours on the pc version and playing it for years, its kinda hard to get all the way into again. But I guess for kids who never ever played Fallout 4 and they get it for VR, then it’ll be pretty awesome for them. Same for Resident Evil 4 Which I played on the Gamecube, not in VR yet but I fear the novelty will wear off as I played that game like crazy already and it would be a massive retread – even if VR itself is still amazing, I’ll stand by that. (So not a direct reflection of this product)
    -I want to see more completely brand new AAA single player games.
    -I hear GTA San Andreas is coming to VR.. Again, great for kids, but how about a brand new GTA VR?.
    – Only been in the scene a few weeks but, looking back and ahead, it looks like a really lazy and slow march into making VR a thing for everyone. IMO right now it’s still more of a niche enthusiast thing. I only say that because I’ve been hearing about VR for years. What did people play on the Quest 1?
    – Get a small rug or mat to stand on, maybe even a towel will do so you know when you’re stepping off too far out of bounds. I have a small rug I folded up just enough to fit my feet with a little bit of slack on all sides. This’ll make you more comfortable but will also help keep you stationary and orient you. They sell $100 tough gamer standing pads about the size of the guardian, if you have the dedicated space and money for it, I can’t stop you I guess, but a simple, thick rug or small yoga mat will do.
    -Like a baseball plate, add a little point when you draw your guardian space to let you know which way you should be facing at all times, you want that wire mostly behind you at all times.

    I have more to say but admittedly this is getting long. I would wait a couple of years until a much lighter and more comfortable VR device comes out. But, if you cannot wait any longer and love gaming or just want what VR has to offer. I can tell you that, it is here, and it is amazing.

    Seeing previews of anything VR on a 2D screen cannot do it justice and neither can words, of this you must trust me, you would have to experience it yourself to truly understand. Ask a friend or coworker if they have one and if you can try it. You wont believe it until you do. Or take the plunge like I did. I have my gripes with this thing, and it’s not all fairy tales, but I do not regret purchasing it. Like I said before, it really is the next level in gaming, and it really is here.

    Be considerate, please. This took a while to write to help you.

  3. Danny (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars Immerse Yourself in Virtual Reality – Meta Quest 2 Delivers an Unforgettable VR Experience
    The Meta Quest 2 is a groundbreaking virtual reality (VR) headset that takes your gaming and entertainment experiences to new heights. With its impressive visuals, wireless freedom, and a vast library of immersive content, this device offers an unparalleled VR experience that will leave you in awe.

    The standout feature of the Meta Quest 2 is its stunning display and graphics. With a high-resolution screen and advanced optics, the headset delivers crisp and vibrant visuals, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in virtual worlds. Whether you’re exploring breathtaking landscapes, battling virtual foes, or engaging in interactive experiences, the Meta Quest 2 brings every detail to life, creating a sense of presence like no other.

    The Meta Quest 2 offers wireless freedom, eliminating the need for any cumbersome wires or cables. The all-in-one design means you can move and explore your virtual environment freely without any restrictions, enhancing the feeling of immersion and providing a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. The intuitive controllers allow for natural and precise interactions, adding to the overall sense of immersion and control.

    The device comes with a vast library of VR games, experiences, and apps, catering to a wide range of interests and preferences. From action-packed adventures to creative experiences and educational content, the Meta Quest 2 offers something for everyone. The growing selection of titles ensures that there’s always a new and exciting experience to discover, keeping you entertained for hours on end.

    Setting up the Meta Quest 2 is straightforward and hassle-free. The device features built-in sensors for tracking your movements, eliminating the need for external sensors or setup. The user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it easy to navigate through menus, launch games, and customize your VR experience according to your preferences.

    The Meta Quest 2 provides a social VR experience, allowing you to connect and engage with friends and fellow VR enthusiasts from around the world. Whether you’re exploring virtual worlds together, engaging in multiplayer battles, or simply chatting in virtual spaces, the social features of the Meta Quest 2 enhance the sense of community and make VR even more enjoyable.

    The Meta Quest 2 is constantly evolving and improving with regular software updates and feature enhancements. This ensures that you have access to the latest features, optimizations, and improvements, keeping your VR experience fresh and exciting over time.

    In conclusion, the Meta Quest 2 is a game-changing VR headset that delivers an unforgettable immersive experience. With its stunning visuals, wireless freedom, and a vast library of content, this device opens up a world of virtual possibilities. Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast, an entertainment lover, or someone seeking new experiences, the Meta Quest 2 offers a gateway to a whole new realm of interactive entertainment. Immerse yourself in virtual reality and let the Meta Quest 2 transport you to extraordinary worlds beyond imagination.

  4. wingnut1942 (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars Great VR
    Design and Comfort:
    First things first, the Meta Quest 2 looks pretty cool! It has a sleek and modern design that caught my eye. When I wore it, I found it surprisingly lightweight, and the straps were easily adjustable for a comfortable fit. I had a blast playing games without feeling any discomfort. However, if you’ve got a larger noggin like me, it might feel a tad snug. But hey, it still worked fine!

    Visuals and Display:
    The visuals on the Meta Quest 2 are pretty impressive. The colors are vibrant, and everything looks sharp and detailed. It’s definitely a step up from older VR headsets I’ve tried. I noticed a slight “screen-door effect” sometimes, where you can see tiny gaps between the pixels, but it didn’t bother me much once I got immersed in the games.

    Performance and Experience:
    Playing games on the Meta Quest 2 was a blast! The performance was smooth most of the time, although I did experience occasional hiccups in graphically intense moments. It didn’t ruin the experience, but it was noticeable. The wireless freedom was a game-changer for me. No annoying cables or external sensors to worry about—I could just jump around and explore the virtual world without restrictions. It was pretty awesome!

    Content Library:
    The Meta Quest 2 has a ton of games and experiences to choose from. I was like a kid in a candy store! Whether you’re into action-packed adventures or educational simulations, there’s something for everyone. The only downside I found is that some of the big-name VR titles I wanted to play weren’t available on this platform. But hey, there’s still a wide variety of options to keep you entertained.

    Overall Impression:
    So, my overall take on the Meta Quest 2? It’s a solid virtual reality headset! I had a great time using it, and it definitely took my gaming experience to a whole new level. The design is slick, the visuals are immersive, and the wireless aspect is a game-changer. Sure, it’s not perfect—the fit might be snug for some, and there can be occasional performance hiccups—but it’s still a fantastic device. If you’re looking to dip your toes into the VR world, I’d say give the Meta Quest 2 a shot!

  5. MEG327 (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars Best purchase ever!
    I feel like the guy from “Ready, Player One” with this! When you put it on, time flies, so I’m glad the battery doesn’t last forever (a couple hours)! It’s dangerous if you’re using it plugged in, because with unlimited power, you can easily stay up all night! So much to see and do, through the online web browser and all sorts of games and apps. I signed up for Supernatural and am working out every day – endless workout routines and music playlists to choose from! I also connected with a long-distance friend and had his avatar sitting in my virtual home chatting with me, and playing games with me – so awesome! Also signed up for the monthly Meta+ membership to get 2 new curated games every month. Can’t wait for the mini golf next month to play with my friend! Also love the meditation apps, TRIPP and Liminal, and I’m not into meditating, but the music and visuals are so awesome and relaxing! A great way to get refreshed after a workout or wind down before sleeping. Options are endless on this thing and I’m so glad I finally took the plunge – well worth the money! I also bought the Kiwi Comfort Elite strap which is more comfortable and easier to adjust the fit than with the standard strap, and I got cloth covers to absorb sweat when exercising.

  6. peacemaker (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars omg FUN!
    I had a mastectomy and bought this as a way to help me get my range of motion back, and OMG, it is so much fun!! There’s so much to do and see. I didn’t realize that some of the exercise programs and other games cost extra or need a subscription, so that kinda stunk, but there is definitely plenty to do for free, including exercise! I was sweating in less than 8 minutes. If you just want to unwind, there are wonderful places to explore. One bad thing is the battery is short-lived. This saves me, otherwise, I might be on it for too long day and night. Still, a longer battery would be good. Also earbuds so others don’t have to listen to our games. I can’t wait to see how this gets improved upon in the future. Like how we used to have giant wireless phones at one point…lol. I’m not a huge fan of how AI is writing for us and we can’t hardly tell an AI person from an actual human, but if we can keep a healthy balance of real life vs virtual reality, this could be great! Very fun, and the exercises are really fantastic. The whole thing is mind-blowing to me.

  7. Starman (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars OMG
    OMG these goggles are breath taking. The reality and functionality is just out of this world. One of the first things I did once I got it set up was to look at some of the free videos from the meta store, and of those I chose some international space station clip. These goggles really made me feel like I was there in space with the astronauts while they were working in space, looking down onto the earth from on orbit. At one point I even tried to catch myself because I looked down and in my mind I felt the height from where I was looking. Some of the other gaming samples I looked at were great as well, I’m looking forward to trying some of the fitness apps. The battery life is a bit disappointing but really I suppose, that the ~3hours is quite long enough for 1 person anyway. So far… these are great fun, so much so that I also ordered a pair for my wife so we can play together with them.

  8. Selcuk Onat (verified owner)

    3.0 out of 5 stars Torn in two directions at once….
    So, there are two sides to this product. From a hardware standpoint, I really don’t have any complaints. The headset is comfortable enough with one of the better adjustable head straps I’ve ever seen on any head-worn device. (I recommend wearing a cloth skullcap or even washcloth so that the strap isn’t pulling on your hair (a baseball cap won’t work), and the towel will collect sweat, although I’ve yet to sweat in it. There’s a learning curve with the controllers, though it’s not bad. Be careful, you could easily break them quickly, smashing them into each other, or punching into a wall or objects, though the guardian carrier does work effectively in keeping you from running into things once you set it up, so make sure you set it up properly. This product can NOT be operated in less than an 8ft square space. You may want to own a house with a dedicated room, or have some space in your apt. Don’t expect to use this in an apt with no central open space. The audio isn’t as good as some newer iphones, but its not bad either, however, I hope sending it out to a stereo is seamless. I have a feeling it won’t be. Connecting to the internet was not a problem at all.

    My real issue is I don’t feel the browsing of apps and functions is OPTIMAL considering how much fanfare Facebook is blowing about the metaverse. The nav took me a bit to get used to, but then it became fairly logical. The issue is some apps are much better at navigating than others. Having to boot out with the Oculus button varies app to app, and it almost never takes you back to the previous menu which you dove in from. The control console always shows up, but the menu of what you were in doesn’t always. Case in point – the tv channel, which includes various travel VR scenes of Paris, Cairo etc. The Paris footage was great, if short, but I tried to boot out of Cairo, and the TV icon became visible, and I clicked on it, and I went right back into the video where I was, NOT to the previous menu of selections. I NEVER got back there, and ended up NOWHERE near where I started. Facebook needs to crack down on those apps not meeting the nav standards, but they prob don’t want to lose previous content, which takes some effort to create, it is clear.

    You have to give this time. Some apps will disappoint, others will amaze, and there’s no way to predict it, because this is a new sort of medium. The demos are often not adequate to be sure you want to pay for the app, and that can be a bummer, because if you don’t like it, you just paid for zippo.

    For instance, one app claimed to be free, then dumped me into a big showroom where you have to buy your weapons. Other apps have demos good enough to make it clear buying the app will be worth it over time. Facebook should do more to demand adequate demos from developers.

    An app like Superhot is phenomenal and makes you happy you bought this. The demo gives you a taste of what the game about, and then the game seems like a good deal, and you’ve got a satisfying experience. I HIGHLY recommend the ISS space experience downloads if you want to see what floating in orbit is like. It’s quite astonishing. The travel experiences make you want to go to those places. The issue is if you don’t get into the right apps, you might find yourself saying ho hum.

    The travel TV segments look great if a bit dated. The famous fitness program Supernatural instantly put me into a 14-day trial that will go straight into monthly payments if I don’t cancel it. Can’t you just show me the program for an hour without getting my payment info? This isn’t your iphone where you know iOS is there to protect you. This is Facebook, and yeah, I have a bias towards Apple, and I’m here to tell them that this market is open to take away from Facebook, because they aren’t doing it 100% optimally.

    Another problem I have is the utility VR programs that tap into desktop software I want to use that are more specialized work through Steam and the PC. I want the Quest 2 to interface with Apple, and that may not be happening.

    I’m not saying that VR isn’t a stunning experience, and the physical side is really well figured out. It truly is, but the software side (as often is the case) could be tighter. This is Facebook, and they claim to own this space so they deserve more pointed criticism. The issue is also that VR is a somewhat new medium, so some patience is to be expected. It will take a few tries to get used to the basic operation, and then you can start assessing the apps. However, if you get dud apps before you get used to the operation, you may find it all overrated. I just think Facebook should match their introduction to the physical use of the headset to a good cross section of apps to bring you in further. Echo VR is another app that shows you the potential of the medium once you get into it. However, I’m not really about meeting up with people I don’t know to play games. These apps should have single-player options by default. The VR environment instantly puts you into a space where you’re making choices, and sometimes you don’t like the choices the app you’re in has made. You want to do something else.

    People complain about the interface of the accounts with Facebook. I wasn’t crazy about it at first, but you can create multiple profiles under the main one, so it’s not the end of the world. Of course, many of the settings have to be reentered from scratch, and so far the apps don’t seem to cross across the accounts, so not sure if that’s optimal.

    Also, literally ZERO apps come with the console. There are free apps, but you wouldn’t know it, since how to find them is NOT immediately apparent (once again, squeezing your own customer instead of being their pal), some of which are more or less lying, and others which are highly boring. You would think Facebook would have the brains to greet new users into their wondrous world by just having a mainstay of 3 seamless good apps for everyone that got you feeling good about the console you just bought.

    So I give it 4 stars for setup of the headset itself, and 2 stars for not really introducing the user properly to a set of apps that shows them the power of the medium overall.

  9. JayG (verified owner)

    5.0 out of 5 stars WOW – way more fun than I expected!!
    So I have pretty much all the consoles and was a PC gamer for years. Video graphics and the ability to be a part of the game and experience it was always something I was improving or earning for.

    I visit family and was introduced to this. Holy smokes – it doesn’t have the same play and graphics of some of my other games, but the experience is AMAZING!

    I never thought I would have this much fun, and it is a great excercise for the times I want to hit blocks with a saber, fish, shoot stuff, ride coasters, fly around, it is so immersive!!

    The only thing I’m not a huge fan of is its integration with Social Media – Facebook/Meta…

    Everyone who visits gets to try these on!

  10. RS (verified owner)

    3.0 out of 5 stars Depends on what exactly you’re looking to get out of it
    I work in e-commerce and AI. Of course, AI, Augmented Reality AR, Virtual Reality VR are all the future. I experienced virtual reality goggles first in 2006, when my professor was researching on it, he showed us a demo. We wore a huge backpack with a powerful laptop connected to VR goggles, in a basketball court, and we were roaming around the entire court, amazed, exploring a virtual forest. That was 2006.

    Coming to Meta Quest 2, the question is, what exactly are we buying this specific gadget for? I like going to exotic places, even in video games, I like roaming and looking around exploring the scenes, rather than shooting guns. I bought this thinking I will transport myself to exotic places and relax for some time every day.

    For starters, to get anything useful, we need to go to Meta store and buy apps. A decent app costs a minimum of $10, some of the best ones are $25, and some are monthly subscriptions, unless we are content with watching a dinosaur for several hours for no cost.

    I expected a virtual planetarium, virtual tour of exotic places with great music, virtual spiritual retreats on top of the mountains, etc. Tripp was one of the apps I was interested in exploring with their great ads on Facebook, YouTube etc. It turned out to be a simulated psychedelic app. First off, actual psychedelic drugs have energetic impacts on a human and hence will have to be experienced in a well-monitored environment, either by a trained, safe Shaman or a trained doctor. Wearing a VR goggle, that starts hurting after 30-40 minutes, displaying psychedelic designs, is not going to heal anyone. And it says, “As seen on Time magazine”, “Most innovative VR app”, and a dozen other top media, for a monthly subscription fee. Sorry, I don’t believe a VR goggle psytrance is going to heal anyone. Everyone seems to make exorbitant claims these days, without any way to vet.

    I could not find any planetarium VRs either. Apps need to be bought for $15-$20 to even see if we like their offering. I didn’t see any return option there. Maybe, contacting some customer care email may get us a return, but I don’t have time to go around downloading content, explore, send emails if I don’t like it, wait around, etc.

    Oh yes, battery life. Watching for a few minutes of anything is going to drain the battery. Better off plugged in constantly. With the short charger it ships with, we may have to get a longer-wired one.

    This may be a great gadget for games for teens. Maybe just shooting around. These are pretty immersive, I think small kids should be carefully monitored using VR, some of the contents might scare/traumatize them. But, for an adult, looking to get something exotic out of it without spending thousands to physically travel to those places, this probably isn’t it. All the travel apps, YouTube 360 videos, are subpar. It just didn’t work for what I was looking to get out of it. Maybe, in a couple of years, when they come up with a huge collection of quality travel and planetarium apps, I may try is once again.

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